Episode 1 DVOW Finalist: Above Afghanistan


Unseen Afghanistan Hindukush Mountains

Khyber Kha...

Top AirVuz contributor and DVA Finalist Khyber Khan put together this magnificent aerial tour of the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan.  Considered a western extension of the Himalayan Mountain chain, the Hindu Kush run for about 800 km (just under 500 mi.) through eastern Afghanistan and into neighboring Tajikstand and China.  Known in the Antiquity as the Caucasus Indicus or Paropamisadae range, their highest peaks reach an altitude of 7.7k meters above sea level (25.3k ft.).  This video was a DVOW Finalist in January, 2020.

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Drone Videos of the Week, Episode 1 (2020)

Drone Vide...

Every week, our team reviews every video uploaded to the site to pick the Top 5 videos.  Then, we name our favorite as our Drone Video of the Week and send that drone pilot $250.  (The winning video is also then a contender for Drone Video of the Month.) AirVuz proudly features these Top 5 videos are both here on AirVuz and across our social platforms...we love to celebrate this amazing content from our community of drone pilots!  Wondering how to become eligible? Simply upload your drone videos to AirVuz; it’s that easy!

Episode 1 DVOW Winner: Træna, Norway in 4K


Winter in Træna, Norway

Eaglewood ...

Top AirVuz contributor Eaglewood Pictures brings us this marvelous drone tour of an island archipelago off the Norwegian coast.  Træna is a municipality which consists of about a thousand (mostly) tiny islands, of which only four are inhabited.  Lying well to the south of the better-known Lofoten Islands, Træna is part of a historical region known as Helgeland which is essentially the southern portion of Nordland County, the southernmost of the three counties of Northern Norway. 

Episode 1 DVOW Finalist : Around the World


Cinematic DJI Drone Compilation Around the World

Colin Skil...

Check out this amazing international drone travel reel, compiled over the course of two years by new contributor Colin Skillings.  The video features footage from four different continents.  Sights featured include the Salt Flats and the Rocky Mountains in the US state of Utah, the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, the great South American city of São Paulo, the rocky coastline around South Africa's Cape Town, and more.  This video was a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in January, 2020.

Episode 1 DVOW Finalist: Soaring Above Saint Petersburg




Top contributor Vitaliy.karpovich has created some of the finest drone videos of St. Petersburg, Russia.  In this piece, which was picked as a DVOW Finalist, you'll be treated to some amazing wintertime views of the great city on the Neva River.  The video opens with a shot looking east toward the Admiralty Building and beyond that to Palace Square.  At about the :30 there's a great fly-by of St. Isaacs Cathedral, followed by an epic twilight shot of the old Stock Exchange building, Kazan Cathedral (:40), and the Peterhof Palace (:48).

Episode 1 DVOW Finalist: 2019 Showreel


A Year to Remember


Former Drone Video of the Week winner johannesbloechl put together this fabulous reel of his travels over the course of just-concluded 2019.  The video features footage from across eight European countries, including Italy, Malta, and Greece.   Highlights include the Venice's famous Rialto Bridge (1:00); Grecee's Rio-Antirrio Bridge, considered an engineering wonder (1:45); and Malta's original capital city of Mdina (2:40); and some great shots from the Austrian Alps.  This video was a DVOW pick in January, 2020.