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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 38 (2020)

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Every week, our team reviews every video uploaded to the site to pick the Top 5 videos. Then, we name our favorite as our Drone Video of the Week and send that drone pilot $ 250. (The winning video is also then a contender for Drone Video of the Month.) AirVuz proudly features these Top 5 videos are both here on AirVuz and across our social platforms ... we love to celebrate this amazing content from our community of drone pilots ! Wondering how to become eligible? Simply upload your drone videos to AirVuz; it's that easy!

DVOW Episode 38 Finalist: Umgapa Sky


Orange Sky in Santa Cruz, California, Sept. 9th, 2020

Umgapa Sky...

AirVūz contributor and drone pilot Umgapa Sky created this haunting aerial video of Santa Cruz, California as the city was engulfed with ash and smoke from raging forest fires in the late summer of 2020.   Located at the northern end of Monterey Bay, about 120 km (around 75 mi.) south of San Francisco, the beach community found itself in the midst of one of the worst wildfire seasons in decades.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, this video was a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in September of 2020. 

DVOW Episode 38 Finalist: Makhorov


Pink lakes. Bursol

  • Makhorov
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  • over 3 years ago

Multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner Mahhorov brings us this stunning drone video of one of the virtually unknown natural wonders of Russia: a lake in southwestern Siberia which turns pink for a period each year.  Lake Burlinskoye is located near Bursol, in the province of Altai Krai.  The change of hue is due to the presence of micro-organisms in the lake, which is one of a number of lakes near the border with Kazakhstan which exhibit this phenomenon.  The pink phase generally lasts a few weeks in late summer. This video was a DVOW nominee in September 2020.

DVOW Episode 38 Finalist: sergiosigler


Lanzarote Island (Spain) | Cinematic Travel Video


Lanzarote is the northernmost and easternmost of the Canary Islands, which are part of Spain but lie off the coast of North Africa.  Like its sister islands, Lanzarote is volcanic in origin and an infant in geological terms - it was only about 15 million years ago that it surfaced above the ocean.  In this DVOW nominated video by sergiosigler, you'll get to see some of the highlights of Lanzarote from above.  Much of the video was filmed in and around Timanfaya National Park, in the center-west of the island. 

DVOW Episode 38 Finalist:


Corona - Tel Aviv


AirVuz contributor brings us this DVOW nominated video of Tel Aviv, Israel during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  In February of that year, Israel's first confirmed novel coronavirus infection was reported at the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, an eastern suburb of the country's commercial and financial capital.  As the central government and local authorities imposed increasingly stringent social distancing measures beginning in March, the public spaces in and around Tel Aviv appeared in a state of near-abandonment.  

DVOW Episode 38 Winner: BashirAbuShakra


Destiny 4K - Inspirational Motivational Video


Prepare to be both inspired and amazed by this DVOW winning video from the Alps Mountains, compliments of top AirVuz contributor BashirAbuShakra.  The former Drone Video of the Month Winner has spent three years exploring some of the most remote reaches of the great chain, home to some of the world's most beautiful mountain scenery.  Some of the most amazing footage includes shots of himself, which he uses to demonstrate the scale of these gigantic peaks.  It's an amazing piece, one that is certain to activate your wanderlust.