DVOW Episode 39 Nominee: BeemFlights


Purple Dutch Dunes


While it's generally known that Netherlands is one of the world's most colorful countries during the tulip harvest in the Spring, the country offers other colorful attractions at other times during the year.  In this DVOW nominated film by top AirVuz contributor BeemFlights, you'll get an aerial view of fields of purple heather.  Dutch heather fields typically turn their distinctive shade of purple in the late summer.  This video was filmed over a field in the middle section of the country, during the month of August.

DVOW Episode 39 Winner: Drone My Life


DOLOMITES Like you never seen | Drone Cinematic

Drone My L...

Italy's Dolomites are a dream for ambitious first person view (FPV) mountain surfers - relatively accessible, their spectacular jagged peaks are made for cinematic video capture via FPV mini-drones.  That's exactly what contributor Drone My Life did in making this incredible piece.  The video combines footage from a gimbal-stabilized aerial videography platform with some adrenaline-drilled FPV footage.  Featuring some of the best Dolomites mountain surfing shots we've seen, this video made the FPV Pilots to Watch and won DVOW in September, 2020.  

DVOW Episode 39 Nominee: davidxtravel




The Dolomites are a small mountain range within the Alps of northern Italy, covering parts of three provinces in the Trentino-Alto-Adigio and Veneto regions. With 18 peaks over 3k meters above sea level (around 10k ft.), they features some of the most beautiful mountains landscapes of any altitude, anywhere in the world. The vertical walls, sheer cliffs, and high density of narrow, and deep valleys, that are scattered throughout the Dolomites, can be seen in this DVOW nominated film by pilot davidxtravel.