Episode 3 DVOW Finalist: My Highlights of 2019


My Mavic Pro 2 Highlights: 2019

Paride Mus...

Top AirVuz contributor Paride Musci put together a year's worth of highlights from droning Switzerland, considered by many to be the world's most beautiful country.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video features footage from some of the top sights in this mountainous land, with epic shots of the country's towering peaks, giant glaciers, shimmering alpine lakes, massive arch dams, and world-famous ski resorts.  Some of the featured locations include the Matterhorn mountain and the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge.

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 3 (2020)

Drone Vide...

Every week, our team reviews every video uploaded to the site to pick the Top 5 videos.  Then, we name our favorite as our Drone Video of the Week and send that drone pilot $250.  (The winning video is also then a contender for Drone Video of the Month.) AirVuz proudly features these Top 5 videos are both here on AirVuz and across our social platforms...we love to celebrate this amazing content from our community of drone pilots!  Wondering how to become eligible? Simply upload your drone videos to AirVuz; it’s that easy!

Episode 3 DVOW Winner: Pushkinflyteam


Moscow New Year 2020 Merry Christmas


Check out this jaw-dropping drone video of holiday-festooned Moscow, Russia by new AirVuz contributor pushkinflyteam.  The video opens with an epic shot of the Kremlin and the adjacent St. Basil's Cathedral, the aesthetic heart of Europe's largest city.  The focus of much of the rest of the video is in and around Red Square, the city's largest public gathering place.  Located just north of the Kremlin, the square takes on an almost other-worldly look during the Christmas season, replete with a giant ice-skating rink.  

Episode 3 DVOW Finalist: Central Asia


Central Asia - Kazakhstane and Kyrgyzstane


The Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are home to some of the finest natural scenery in the world.  You can see for yourself in this stunning 4k drone video featuring the diverse landscapes of the two countries.  Highlights include the Skazka ("Fairy Tale") Canyon in northern Kyrgyzstan; the mighty Charyn Canyon in southeastern Kazakhstan; and the nearby Lake Kaindy, which is distinguished by the partially submerged tree trunks still standing from before the lake was created by an earthquake in 1911.  

Episode 3 DVOW Finalist: Reel 2019


Reel 2019


Bachir_Photo_Phactory is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community; he has been picked as a finalist for multiple awards and contests.  In this incredible piece, you'll get to see the highlights of his work over the course of 2019.  Most of the footage was captured in the United Arab Emirates, beinning with some epic shots of the Empty Quarter - the world's largest contiguous desert.  From there you'll see a series of "action" shots, including some great work with shadows, before heading to the skyscrapers of Dubai.  

Episode 3 DVOW Finalist: Indonesia 2020


INDONESIA 2020 | Aerial Cinematic Drone (4k)


New contributor bugDreamer put together this epic reel of footage from across the expanse of Indonesia.  Locations featured include Mt. Bromo and the Ijen craters in East Java; Mt. Kelimuto on Flores in the East Nusa Tenggara province; tiny  Satonda, an island just off the north coast of Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara; the volcanic Banda Api island in the Banda Sea in Eastern Indonesia; North and South Komodo island, just off of Flores; Mt. Agung on Bali; Sangeang Api on Sumbawa; Halmahera Hera in the Maluku Islands; and more.