DVOW Episode 12 Finalist: snorrithor


Geldingadalur Volcano Eruption


Award-winning content creator and drone pilot snorrithor brings us this stunning aerial view of a volcanic eruption on the North Atlantic island nation of Iceland.   In mid-march, the Geldingadalur region began emitting molten rock.  It was believed to be the first such geological activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula (which extends off of the southwestern corner of the island) in 800 years.  Scientists believe that this may portend the long-anticipated beginning of a period of increased geological activity in this part of the island.  

DVOW Episode 12 Finalist: smakozawr


Winter Kiev in 4K Artistic shooting by drone


Former DVOW Winner smakozawr brings us this fantastic wintertime drone video from the city of Kiev, Ukraine.  Opening with shots of a giant power plant, the video will then take you over the fog-covered Dneiper River, which runs through the heart of Kiev.  Then it's on to the 385 meter (just over 1.25k ft.) Kyiv TV Tower, followed by the giant Ferris wheel on Kontraktova Square and the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex.  Other highlights include the Statue of St. Vladimir at the 2:10 mark, the Column of Independence (3:20), and more.   

DVOW Episode 12 Winner: Timelab.pro


Istanbul. Love of the continents


Award-winning contributor Timelab.pro does it again with this fantastic drone video from Istanbul, Turkey.  The video opens with shots of the Golden Horn inlet and  a ship on the Bosphorus Strait, then takes you to the magnificent Hagia Sophia; now a museum, it was once the world's largest building.  At the :48 mark, you'll see the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and at the :58 mark you'll see the giant, modern Çamlıca Mosque.  Other highlights include the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (1:10), Galata Tower (2:10), and much more.  This video was a DVOY finalist in 2021. 

DVOW Episode 12 Finalist: jesus_tr


What is Turkey in 30 Seconds

  • jesus_tr
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  • about 3 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor jesus_tr was a finalist for the Sixth Annual New York City Drone Film Festival for his dronie shot from over a "field" of rugs in a Turkish market. The skilled drone pilot does it again with this incredible thirty-second reel of the magnificent country of Turkey. The video features footage from top sights such as the ancient city of Ephesus, the fabled "fairy tale castles" of Cappadocia, Istanbul, and Ölüdeniz.  This video earned a Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot in March of 2021.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 12 (2021)

Drone Vide...

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DVOW Episode 12 Finalist: Mauro Sciambi


Winter 2021 Cinematic drone footage

Mauro Scia...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Mauro Sciambi brings us this marvelous drone video from wintertime Italy.  The video opens with some excellent shots of mountain roads, their hairpin curves partially concealed by winter fog.  At the :35 mark, there's a great view of some cows congregated on a plain in front of some mountains, followed by an aerial view of an iconic mountain town.  Well worth a watch, this video was picked as a Finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest in March, 2021.