DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: miromarsik


Czech Republic from the Sky


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor miromarsik brings us this stunning drone video from the Czech Republic.  The video features fantastic footage of some of the country's fabled rivers, forests, and mountains.  Recognizable spots include the Novina Viaduct in the Krystofovo Valley, at the :55 mark; the mountaintop Ještěd Tower (1:15); the 14th century Moravian Bouzov Castle (1:33); the Gothic masterpiece Karlštejn Castle, built on the orders of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV (1:40), and more.  

DVOW Episode 14 Winner: David Dinu


Pakistan 2021 - Cinematic Drone Travel [4k]

David Dinu...

Top AirVuz contributor David Dinu returns after a three year hiatus to bring us this stunning travel video from Pakistan.  Created with a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video was shot over the course of a three week trip through the country, which the creator calls (and not without good reason) "one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen".  Treat yourself to some absolutely spectacular views of mountainous northern Pakistan, and also get a glimpse into the lives of its 200 million+ people.  

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: Seven Roads Media


Hawaii By Drone

Balazs Bus...

Top content contributor and former Drone Video of the Week Winner Balazs Busznyak brings us this fantastic drone video from the tropical paradise known as Hawaii.  Just sixty seconds long and beautifully edited, the video will take you over some of the most beautiful spots in the Aloha State.  You'll be treated to some epic views of the Mokula Islands, the two islets off the northeastern coast of Oahu, the outskirts of Honolulu, some outstanding kiteboarding footage, surfing shots, and more.  

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: tntmedia


OneShot Series / Istanbul


This magnificent video of Istanbul, Turkey earned top contributor tntrmedia a Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot in April, 2021.  The video consists of a series of long single-shots.  At the :19 mark, there's a great shot of the Çamlıca Mosque, which opened in 2019 and is located in the Üsküdar district on the city's eastern (Asian) side.  At the :45 mark, you'll see Galata Tower, in the ancient Karaköy quarter on Istanbul's western side.  Other shots include the bridges of the Golden Horn (1:05), Maiden's Tower (3:05), and more.  

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: Zdronu


SCOTLAND - Autumn Isle Of Skye - Cinematic 4K movie with CGI

  • Zdronu
    • 1.5k VŪZ
    • 18
    • 16
  • over 2 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Zdronu earned himself a fourth Drone Video of the Week nomination with this stunning video from the Scottish Highlands.   Shot with a DJI Mavic 2 drone, expertly edited, and set to an inspiring voice-over, much of the video was shot over the Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands.   Other featured locations include the Glenfinnan Viaduct near Loch Shiel, which featured prominently in the Harry Potter movie series, as well as the iconic Eilean Donan Castle.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 14 (2021)

Drone Vide...

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