DVOW Episode 23 Winner: denisbarbas


Happiness is Not a Destination, it's a Way of Travel


New contributor denisbarbas earned a Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot in this inspiring travel piece from northern Italy.  Much of the footage was captured in the Dolomite Mountains, a sub-chain of the Northern Limestone Alps which covers a parts of several northeastern provinces.  At about the 1:30 mark, you'll see the Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, a church built into the side of a cliff near the city of Verona.  At about the 3:00 mark, you'll see the Scalliger Castle in Sirmione, near the southern end of Lake Garda. 

DVOW Episode 23 Nominee: A B Nash


Beautiful Nepal

A B Nash...
  • A B Nash
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  • over 2 years ago

Take in these stunning drone views of Nepal, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilot A B Nash.  Nepal is sometimes mistakenly thought to be completely covered in mountains.  In fact, the Himalayan Mountains only cover roughly the northern third of the country.  As you will see in the video, the country features incredibly diverse landscapes, including areas of plains and forests.  The video also features some brilliant timelapse sequences, as well as shots of some of the country's 30 million+ people.  

DVOW Episode 23 Nominee: oculusfilms


Beautiful Umbrella Waterfall | Poona Abbottabad Pakistan


Multiple DVOW Winner oculusfilms brings us this spectacular drone video of a waterfall in Pakistan.  It's called the Umbrella Waterfall, and it's located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan's northwesternmost territory.  Situated about 15 mi. (27 km) from the town of Havelian, the Umbrella Waterfall is reachable via a hike from the village of Poona.  It's just a short distance from the famous Sajikot Waterfall, the Umbrella Waterfall was virtually unknown before a video of it posted on YouTube went viral.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 23 (2021)

Drone Vide...

Every week, our team reviews every video uploaded to the site to pick the Top 5 videos. Then, we name our favorite as our Drone Video of the Week and send that drone pilot $ 250. (The winning video is also then a contender for Drone Video of the Month.) AirVuz proudly features these Top 5 videos are both here on AirVuz and across our social platforms ... we love to celebrate this amazing content from our community of drone pilots! Wondering how to become eligible? Simply upload your drone videos to AirVuz; it's that easy!

DVOW Episode 23 Nominee: CLIFFORD FPV


The Window


The coast of Australia is the idyllic setting for this highly cinematic first person view (FPV) drone video by top contributor and FPV pilot CLIFFORD FPV.  Super smooth, the video is an example of how FPV coastal cruising has evolved past the stage where pilots would be happy simply getting their quad back to safety.  Watch as he hugs tightly to the rocks along the coast as he heads into the brilliant sun ahead.  This video was picked as a Finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest in June of 2020.  

DVOW Episode 23 Nominee: Sky Candy Studios


#saveourstages - A Fly Through of 5 Twin Cities Theaters

Sky Candy ...

Top AirVuz contributor Sky Candy Studios brings us this fantastic "fly-through" first person view (FPV) video of some of the top theaters and live venues in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.  Shot with a "cinewhoop" style drone, the work was undertaken as part of a campaign by the city's to get the public to resume its patronage following the long shutdown induced by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.  The featured venues include First Avenue, the Palace Theater, the Fitzgerald Theater, the Parkway Theater, and the Dakota Lounge.