DVOW Episode 26 Finalist: oculusfilms


Norwegian Most Picturesque Village | Reine Fishing Village Lofoten | DJI Inspire 2 ZENMUSE X7


Check out this stunning drone video of a picturesque village in Norway's Lofoten Islands, compliments of multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner oculusfilms.  The village of Reine is built on a peninsula and several tiny islets of the larger island of Moskenesøya, one of the southern Lofoten Islands, an archipelago which lies off Norway's northern coast.  Located within the Arctic Circle, the climate here is surprisingly mild due to the warming effect of the ocean.  It's frequently cited as being one of Norway's most beautiful villages.  

DVOW Episode 26 Winner: rememorales


"Tbilisi From Above"


Top AirVuz content creator and first person view (FPV) pilot rememorales brings us this excellent FPV mini-tour of the city of Tbilisi in the Caucasus republic of Georgia.  The video opens with a fly-over of the Mother of Georgia (Kartlis Deda) statue atop Sololaki Hill, followed by (starting at the :08 mark) the Chronicle of Georgia monument near the reservoir known as the Tbilisi Sea.  Other featured locations include the Ferris wheel at Mtatsminda Park, the Bridge of Peace (:20), the Narikala Fortress (:42), and more.  This video was a DVOY finalist in 2021. 

DVOW Episode 26 Finalist: yuri parinduri


Waterfalls Paradise, Ciletuh

yuri parin...

AirVuz contributor and pilot yuri parinduri brings us this excellent drone video from a waterfall park on the Indonesian island of Java.  It's called the Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark, and it's located in the province of West Java, on the opposite (southern) side of the island from Jakarta and about four hours west of the city of Bandung.  With numerous waterfalls, beaches, and baths, the park is part of the UNESCO Geoparks Network.  Its name derives from the Ciletuh River and the bay (and town) of Palabuhanratu.  

DVOW Episode 26 Finalist: gochiestrella


Ávila | The City That Stopped The Time | Cinematic FPV


Hold on to your proverbial hats for this fantastic first person view (FPV) tour of the historic Spanish city of Ávila by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot gochiestrella.  Located about an hour's drive west of Madrid in the region of Castile and León, Ávila is known for its medieval walls as well as its Romanesque and Gothic churches.  The video features some extremely well-edited hyperlapse sequences, providing a unique perspective on the city's system of walls, the Ávila Cathedral, the city's Old Town square, and more.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 26 (2021)

Drone Vide...

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DVOW Episode 26 Finalist: Kishor neel


Horizon | Aerial Show reel of kishor neel

Kishor nee...

Talented AirVuz contributor Kishor neel put together this outstanding professional drone reel from his home country of Bangladesh.  The video opens with a shot looking out over the country's great plains, followed by an epic view of a giant flock of birds.  Other highlights include the country's shoreline on the Bay of Bengal, some real estate footage, a shipyard, the skyscrapers of Dhaka, the country's ubiquitous rivers, and even shots of Bangladeshi Navy ships.  This video was a  Drone Video of the Week Finalist in July of 2021.