DVOW Episode 28 Winner: Hayden Kast


Seychelles Islands of East Africa | Travel Film

Hayden Kas...

Multiple DVOW Finalist Hayden Kast does it again with this fantastic piece from the Seychelles, an island nation of the western Indian Ocean.  The video features footage of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, three of the 42 granitic islands which make up the archipelago.  Mahé is the largest of the Seychelles by land area, and its population accounts for about 75% of the island's roughly 100k permanent residents.  Praslin is the second-largest island; it lies about 27 mi. (around 44 km) northeast of Mahé, with La Digue just to its east.   

DVOW Episode 28 Finalist: Jturner


FPV Drone Flight into the Iceland Volcano

  • Jturner
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  • about 2 years ago

Talented contributor Jturner shows off the power of the DJI FPV drone with this incredible piece, shot over Iceland's erupting Fagradalsfjall Volcano.  Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula just a short drive from Reykjavik in the island's southwestern corner, the volcano began erupting in the late Winter of 2021.  The eruption is believed to herald the long-anticipated resumption of volcanic activity in this part of Iceland, which has been quiet for centuries.  This video was picked for the Drone Video of the Week contest in July, 2021.  

DVOW Episode 28 Finalist: isairfilms


Stunning Fpv Savoie


Check out this stunning first person view (FPV) mountain surfing piece from the French Alps, compliments of talented AirVuz contributor and FPV drone pilot isairfilms.  The video was filmed in the Savoie Department in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes; Savoie is the home of some of the tallest mountains in Europe as well as many of the most famous ski resorts in the Alps region.  The video, which was shot over the course of several weeks, was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in July of 2021.  

DVOW Episode 28 Finalist: jameelkhair




Check out these fantastic drone videos from southern Israel, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot jameelkjhair.  Much of the video was filmed over the region of Arabah, which extends from the southern end of the Dead Sea to roughly the town of Eilat, on the Gulf of Aqaba (an inlet of the Red Sea).  At the :35 mark of the video, there's a great shot of the Mar Saba Monastery, a Greek Orthodox complex which is one of the oldest inhabited monasteries. which is roughly halfway between the northern end of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.  

DVOW Episode 28 Finalist: beto.fpv


One line inside Space Center Houston

  • beto.fpv
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  • about 2 years ago

While a first person view (FPV) tour of Johnson Space Center in Houston has probably fired the imaginations of many FPV pilots, AirVuz contributor beto.fpv actually got it done, as you'll see in this amazing "fly through" from the famous complex.  Shot with a "cinewhoop" style FPV drone, the video will take you through the Official Visitor Center at the complex, which is responsible for astronut training as well as Mission Control for the USA's manned missions.  This video was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in July, 2021. 

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 28 (2021)

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