DVOW Episode 36 Finalist: DigitalTravelCouple


Costa Rica Aerial Nature Film - The Rich Coast 4K


The traveling duo known as the DigitalTravelCouple is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community.  In this amazing video, they highlight the beauty of Costa Rica, the small Central American country which has become one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations.  The video opens with shots of the country's coastline, followed by a transition to its mountainous interior.  Shot with both drone and ground camera footage, the video will take you over rushing waterfalls, thick rainforests, and more.

DVOW Episode 36 Finalist: oculusfilms


Bali Indonesia Cinematic Footage 4K UHD | Beautiful Villages and Beaches of Bali | Oculus Films


With multiple Drone Video of the Week wins, oculusfilms is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community.  This alone is a good reason to check out their latest video, which was filmed on the Indonesian paradise island of Bali.  The first part of the video features some epic aerial shots of Bali's famed rice terraces, in the interior of the island.  In the second part of the video, you'll also get some drone's eye views of Bali's famous beaches, including the "walled bay" of Broken Beach on the satellite island of Nusa Penida. 

DVOW Episode 36 Winner: guido_dronelab.es



Guido Manu...

For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor guido_dronelab.es brings us this stunning drone video from Antarctica.  The content creator is the Head Manager of Dronelab, an aerial photography specialist in Barcelona, Spain whose client list includes the likes of AirVuz, BBC, Audi, and other prestigious names.  The video, which was filmed in connection with a scientific expedition to the continent, highlights the earth's dependence on Antarctica's most precious resource: roughly three-fourths of the planet's freshwater supply.  This video was a DVOY finalist in 2021. 

DVOW Episode 36 Finalist: Henri_Petrutis


Flying FPV through fire 🔥


Talented AirVuz content creator and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Henri_Petrutis displays some VERY impressive technical FPV flying skills in this piece, which was filmed on an island of the Baltic republic of Estonia.  After ripping around a lighthouse and a windmill, skimming along a spit (a type of sandbar commonly found along the Baltic shoreline), he hits the "money" shot: flying through a large bonfire(!).  

DVOW Episode 36 Finalist: n0i3e


Lakhta Center, golden dive!

  • n0i3e
    • 2.6k VŪZ
    • 22
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  • over 2 years ago

Prepare to be amazed by this first person view (FPV) drone video of an epic dive session over one of the world's most prominent skyscrapers, compliments of AirVuz contributor pilot n0i3e: Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, which has the distinction of being Europe's tallest skyscraper as of 2021.  Completed in 2018, the ultra-modern "twisted" structure stands nearly half a kilometer (460 meters, or about 1.5k ft.) above the Lakhta neighborhood northwest of St. Petersburg's historic city center.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 36 (2021)

Drone Vide...

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