DVOW Winner: Migo-Studios


Beautifully Strange. Portugal Cinematic 4K Dji Air 2s and Avata Fpv


Explore Portugal in this highly creative and cinematic piece by former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Migo-Studios.  The video combines footage from a (gimbal-stablized) DJI Air 2S drone and first person view (FPV) footage from a DJI Avata quad.  Some of the featured locations in the video include the Serra da Lousã nature preserve in the Leira District of the Centro Region, as well as the Galé Beach (Praia Galé), which is located on a long, narrow peninsula near Setúbal, a bit to the south of the city of Lisbon.  

DVOW Finalist: Kpax


Piz Boè - Dolomites Series (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)

  • Kpax
    • 1.8k VŪZ
    • 14
    • 20
  • about 1 year ago

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Kpax brings us this excellent drone video from the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy.  The video was filmed over and around Piz Boè, the highest mountain in the massif known as the Sella Group.  The mountain has a peak elevation of just over 10.3k ft. above sea level, or around 3.15k m.  It is considered the easiest to scale amongst the Dolomite peaks over 3k m.  Known for their jagged peaks, the Dolomites are a subchain of the Southern Limestone Alps mountains.  

DVOW Finalist: iskenderfilm


Georgia in Autumn


Check out this fantastic drone video of the Caucasus Republic of Georgia in the Fall, compliments of former Drone Video of the Week Winner iskenderfilm.  The video opens with a shot of the Ananuri fortress complex on the Aragvi River, about an hour's drive north of Tbilisi.  Then it's on to the 6th century (AD) Jvari Monastery near Mtskheta, a bit closer to Tbilisi.  Next up is the Katskhi Pillar, a famous natural limestone in the west-central region of Imereti.  The last stop is the city of Chiatura, also in Imereti.    

DVOW Finalist: adri77gm


Dolomites 4K Cinematic Aerial Film

  • adri77gm
    • 1.8k VŪZ
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  • about 1 year ago

Top AiVuz contributor adri77gm was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist adri77gm was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in late November of 2022 with this fantastic aerial video from the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy.  Part of the Southern Limestone Alps, the chain runs across several provinces in the Trentino-Alto-Adigio and Veneto regions.  The Dolomites feature highly prominent (and visually spectacular) peaks with altitudes up to just under 11k ft. above sea level (just over 3.3k m).

DVOW Finalist: DanieleCeravolo


Iceland - Aerial Cinematic


AirVuz contributor and pilot DanieleCeravolo earned a spot as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in late November, 202 for this excellent piece from Iceland.  The video was created with footage from a (gimbal-stabilized) DJI Mavic 3 drone as well as from a GoPro Hero 10 action camera mounted to a DJI FPV drone.  At about the :48 mark, you'll see the famous Dyrhólaey rock arch on the island's southern coast, and at the 1:55 mark you'll see the even more famous Kirkjufell hill/mountain on the (western) Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 47 (2022)

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