DVOW Winner: Richard Beresford Harris


Tre Cime

Richard Be...

Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Richard Beresford Harris brings us this stunning drone video from one of the most iconic scenes in the Alps: the Tre Cime di Lavaredo mountain formation in northeastern Italy.  Also known (in German) as the Drei Zinnen, the three peaks are located on the border between the province of South Tyrol in the Trentino-Algo-Adigion region and the province of Belluno in the neighboring region of Veneto.  The tallest of the three peaks stands 9.8k ft. above sea level or about 3k m.  

DVOW Finalist: davidpardo71




Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist davidpardo71 brings us this stunning drone video from the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy.  Most of the video was shot over the province of Belluno, one of the seven (including the Metropolitan City of Venice) which make up the region of Veneto.  Featured locations include Lake Fedèra, Lake Antorno, Lake Misurina, the famous three-peaked mountain massif of Tres Cimes di Lavaredo (which lies on the border with the province of South Tyrol), Mt. Paterno, and the Cadini Group of mountains.    

DVOW Finalist: Beautiful Montenegro


Lukavica Mountain October 2022

Beautiful ...

Multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner Beautiful Montenegro brings us this excellent drone video from the mountains of Montenegro, a small Southeast European country which was part of Serbia until 2006 (and before that, Yugoslavia).  The video was filmed in the area around Lukavica Mountain, which is located near the city of Nikšić, close to the geographic center of the country.  The mountain is part of the Dinaric Alps, a chain of mountains which extends down the western side of the Balkan Peninsula.  

DVOW Finalist: sinaysky


Durmitor National Park - Montenegro. Drone film - cinematic DJI Mini 3 PRO + FPV


Check out this fantastic drone video from the mountains of Montenegro in Southeastern Europe, compliments of former Drone Video of the Week Winner sinaysky.  The video, which was created from footage from a DJI Mini 3 Pro as well as a DJI FPV drone, was filmed over Durmitor National Park, in the northern part of the roughly diamond-shaped country.  The park encompasses the Durmitor Mountains, one of several ranges which cover much of the central and eastern part of the country.  The Durmitor Mountains are part of the Dinaric Alps.  

DVOW Finalist: Mauro Pagliai


3Ore, 3ntino, 3D

Mauro Pagl...

Mauro Pagliai is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community, and his move into first person view (FPV) flight has been particularly impressive.  In this piece he will take you on a tour of the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy, which are part of the Southern Limestone Alps and are spread across the Trentino-Alto-Adigio and the Veneto regions of the country.  As you will see, the video opens with some "establishment" shots taken with a gimbal-stabilized drone before heading in for some epic FPV mountain surfing.

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 48 (2022)

Drone Vide...

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