DVOW Winner: timroosjen




Top AirVuz contributor timroosjen brings us this stunning drone video from the Central European country of Slovenia.  The video includes footage from the following locations, all of which are in the northwestern part of the country: Lake Bled, a beautiful alpine lake in the Julian Alps; the Church of St. Tomaz, in the town of Jamnik; the Church of St. Primož and Felicijan, also in Jamnik; the town of Kranjska Gora, near Triglav National Park; the mountain plateau of Velika Planina; Vintgar Gorge; Savica Waterfall; and the Soča River.

DVOW Finalist: Robin Puskas


Madeira | My Travel Dream

Robin Pusk...

Former DVOW Finalist Robin Puskas brings us this stunning video from the Portuguese island of Madeira.  Created with both drone and ground camera footage, the video opens with an overhead shot of a beach on the island, which lies off the coast of North Africa.  At the :23 mark, there's a great shot of a waterfall which empties directly into the Atlantic Ocean.  Other highlights include some magnificent shots of the mountains which cover much of the island's interior, and at the :53 mark there's a great shot of a seaside village.  

DVOW Finalist: Drone My Life


Beautiful Madeira from Above

Drone My L...

Top contributor Drone My Life brings us this stunning drone video from the Portuguese island of Madeira.  The video incorporates first person view (FPV) drone footage as well as "setup" shots from a gimbal-stabilized quad.  At about the :50 mark, there's a beautiful shot of the sea stacks around Ribeira da Janela on the island's western end, followed (starting at about 1:03) with an epic dive down one of the island's coastal cliffs.  Other highlights include shots of Madeira's interior mountains as well as some coastal sea-skimming.  

DVOW Finalist: AndreyWithDrone


Kamchatka. Another Planet | Land of Volcanoes


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor AndreyWithDrone brings us this stunning drone video from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East region.  At the :24 mark, you'll see the Mutnovsky volcano complex in the southern part of the region.  At the :41 mark, you'll see the Dead Forest, so called because most of its tree life was killed during the 1970's eruption of the Tolbachik volcano.  Other locations include the Tolbachinsky Dol lava plateau (also near Tolbachik), the Tolbachik volcano itself, and the volcano Avachinsky.    

DVOW Finalist: Beautiful Montenegro


Piva Lake and Black Lake

Beautiful ...

Multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner Beautiful Montenegro brings us this excellent drone video from a pair of lakes in the Southeast European country of Montenegro.  The first, Piva Lake, is actually a reservoir.  Located in the northern part of the country, it was created in connection with the construction of the Piva River.  The second, Black Lake, is a glacial lake - it's actually two lakes connected by a strait which dries up in the summer.  It's located within the massif of Mt. Durmitor, also in Montenego's north.  

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 42 (2022)

Drone Vide...

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