2023 DVOY Winner Announcement Reel


2023 AirVuz Drone Video of the Year - Winner Announcement!

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AirVuz loves to celebrate our community's talent through our Drone Video Contests, with the ultimate honor going to our Drone Video of the Year winner! Wondering how videos get nominated? Each week, we review all uploads to pick the Top 5 videos and our Drone Video of the Week (DVOW) winner. The DVOW winners are then contenders for Drone Video of the Month (DVOM), and the DVOM Winners are automatically nominated for Drone Video of the Year! 8 wildcard nominees were also added to the mix, but we landed with just 1 winner! Congrats!   

2023 Drone Video of the Year - aeroCircus


SHOWREEL 2023🕹🚁🎬


Based in Munich, aeroCircus is a top commercial drone piloting company in Germany.  Winners of the Reel category for the second annual Drone Video Awards, this 2023 showreel won the 2023 Drone Video of the Year.  The fantastic compilation features a variety of projects with top TV and movie producers, famous brands, and other highly demanding customers.  Highlights include some stunning first person view (FPV) drone action shots and a number of scenes which were filmed in the course of big-budget movie and TV show productions.    

2023 Drone Video of the Year Nominees


Announcing the 2023 AirVuz Drone Video of the Year Nominees!

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AirVuz Drone Video contests showcase the very best videos shared by our talented community of drone pilots.  All cinematic drone videos uploaded are automatically considered for our contests; pilots just need to share their favorite cinematic video edits and Team AirVuz will do the rest! We select contenders for our weekly contest, those winners roll up for our monthly contest, and then those winners are considered for our annual prize!  Uploading is free, but pilots win *cash* when they win!  Upload now for your chance to win too!