DVOW Finalist: Alexandre Velluet


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Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Alexandre Velluet x Scandia Productions brings us this stunning drone video of a famous lighthouse on the western coast of France.  It's called Chassiron Lighthouse, and it's on island of Oléron in the Charente-Maritime Department.  Built in 1836, the lighthouse is still operational, although it's now automated.  The lighthouse is situated at the northern tip of the island, at the entrance of the Pertuis d'Antioche, a strait which is home to the important port of La Rochelle.      

DVOW Winner: panvelvet


Chasing Light in Republic of Dagestan


Top AirVuz contributor panvelvet brings us this stunning drone video from the republic of Dagestan in Southern Russia.  With its eastern border on the Caspian Sea, most of the Muslim-majority Federal Subject (essentially, province) is covered by the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, which divide Europe from Asia.  The video features some outstanding aerial views from Dagestan's mountainous interior, including some epic shots of hilltop villages and the distinctive Vainakh towers which dot the North Caucasus region.  

DVOW Finalist: ALFPV


Conquering the Summit: Top Mountain Climbs of 2021-2023

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AirVuz contributor and pilot ALFPV put together this outstanding compilation of drone shots of his mountain climbing conquests from 2021-2023 in northern Italy.  The mountains shown are all part of the Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol, one of the two provinces of the Trentino-Alto-Adigio region.  The Dolomites, which also cover portions of the neighboring Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, are part of the Southern Limestone Alps.   They reach elevations of up to nearly 11k ft. above sea level or around 3.3k m.  

DVOW Finalist: Gyuia Horvath


Age of Wonders

Gyula Horv...

Enjoy some inspiring aerial views from Bulgaria with this inspiring drone reel by brand-new contributor Gyula Horváth.  The video opens with shots of the two most prominent natural features of this Southeast European country: the mountains which cover much of its interior, as well as its Black Sea coastline.  At about the 1:27 mark, there's a great shot of the Rila Lakes, a chain of seven small lakes set amongst the country's highest peaks.  At about the 3:30 mark, you'll see the Belogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria's northwestern corner. 

DVOW Finalist: Michael Dickson


Dolomites - The Dance of the Mountains

Michael Di...

Prepare to be amazed by these drone views of the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy, compliments of top contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Michael Dickson.  The video was filmed using a GoPro Hero 11 camera mounted to an FPV quad, combined with gimbal-stabilized footage from a DJI Mavic 3 drone.   Among other highlights, the video features some great shots of Mt. Seceda, a prominent Dolomites peak in the province of South Tyrol which has a summit elevation of just under 8.3k ft. above sea level or just over 2.5k m.

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 10 (2023)

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