DVOW Finalist: jfabraga


BEST OF 2022: Iceland FPV/Drone Girl [RECAP]


This drone video highlight reel from Iceland earned talented AirVuz contributor and pilot Jfabraga a Drone VIdeo of the Week Finalist spot.  Created with a combination of footage from gimbal-stabilized and first person view (FPV) drones, as well as from a ground camera, the video will take you over some of the most scenic spots on this island of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Expertly edited, you'll soar over some of Iceland's canyons, black sand beaches, simmering geothermal hot-spots, and even the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano.   

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 1 (2023)

Drone Vide...

Every week, our team reviews every video uploaded to the site to pick the Top 5 videos. Then, we name our favorite as our Drone Video of the Week and send that drone pilot $ 250. (The winning video is also then a contender for Drone Video of the Month.) AirVuz proudly features these Top 5 videos are both here on AirVuz and across our social platforms ... we love to celebrate this amazing content from our community of drone pilots! Wondering how to become eligible? Simply upload your drone videos to AirVuz; it's that easy!



Los Volcanes

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Spain's Canary Islands are a geological wonder.  They were formed beginning just 20 million years ago (a comparative blink of the eye) when a "hotspot" on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Africa began producing volcanoes large enough to emerge from the sea as islands.  These volcanoes now cover much of the interior area of the seven main islands.  In this outstanding drone video by contributor NIKCOM fpv, you'll take an aerial tour of some of these stunning volcanic mountains.  

DVOW Finalist: chris_aerial_view


Namibia - See all the Highlights


New contributor chris_and_photograph brings us this stunning travel video from the giant African country of Namibia.  The video was shot over the course of a three week trip, and was filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro 3 and a DJI Mini 3 as well as with a ground camera.  At the :32 mark you'll see a giant sand dune in the Namib Desert, which runs parallel to Namibia's coastline and is one of the world's driest places.  Further on, you'll fly over giraffes (1:03), fly along with a hot-air balloon (3:18), soar over the coastline (4:07), and more.  

DVOW Finalist: semberadventure


Adventure 2022


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner and proud new father semberadventure brings us this outstanding video from his travels during 2022.  Shot primarily by drone with some ground camera footage, and beautifully edited, the video features some of the most desirable subtropical spots in the Western Hemisphere, including Tulum, on Mexico's Mayan Riviera; the Exumas, a group of islands within the Bahmas; the island of Dominica, one of the Windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea; and the Central American country of Belize.  

DVOW Winner: Sandrine Hecq


The World Through My Lens

Sandrine H...

Prepare to be blown away by this fantastic international travel drone reel by top  contributor Sandrine Hecq.  The video opens with a spectacular shot of the mountains around Cape Town, South Africa.  At the :28 mark, you'll see the massive Victoria Falls, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  From there, you'll head to a volcano in Indonesia, then head back to Africa for some stunning safari animal fly-overs.   Other highlights include France's Mont Saint-Michel monastery-fortress and the famed Cliffs of Étretat.