DVOW Winner: Guillermo Garcia



Feeling Dr...

Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Feeling Drone - Guillermo García brings us this stunning aerial video from the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy.  Shot with a DJI Air 2S, the video will take you over this land of dramatic peaks, magnificent rock formations, and crystal blue alpine lakes.  Specific locations include Lake Braies, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen) massif on the border between the provinces of South Tyrol and Belluno, and more.  The Dolomite Mountains are part of the Southern Limestone Alps.

DVOW Finalist: sinaysky


Montenegro - Prokletije, Grebaje Valley


Former DVOW Winner sinaysky brings us this stunning drone video of the Prokletije Mountains in the small Southeast European country of Montenegro.  The video, which consists primarily of first person view (FPV) footage,  was filmed over the Grebaje Valley in Prokletije National Park, in the northern part of the roughly diamond-shaped country.   Part of the Dinaric Alps chain of mountains which line the western side of the Balkan Peninsula, the Prokletije Mountains also cover portions of Montenegro neighbors Albania and Kosovo.

DVOW Finalist: smakozawr


Night Kyiv. Ukraine. My Home Sweet Home. Drone video


Take in these excellent nighttime aerial views of Kiev, Ukraine in this fantastic drone video by top AirVuz contributor smakozawr and dedicated to Ukraine's fight to repel the Russian invasion which commenced in early 2022.  At the :10 mark, there's a great shot of the Motherland Monument, which is part of the national museum commemorating the massive Ukrainian efforts and sacrifices incurred during World War II.  Other locations include the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra monastery, the bridges of the Dneiper River, Olympic Stadium, and more.     

DVOW Finalist: ristypics


LOFOTEN ISLANDS x DJI MAVIC 3 | Cinematic Travel Film 4K


AirVuz contributor ristypics brings us this marvelous drone video from Norway's Lofoten Islands.  The "home base" for the trip, which you'll see in the opening shots, was the Hattvika Lodge on the tiny island of Ballstad, which lies just off the larger island of Vestvågøy.  Just before the :50 mark, there are some marvelous shots of the iconic fishing village of Henningsvær on the island of Austvågøy.  At the 1:11 mark, you'll see the Fredvang Bridges which connect the islands of Moskenesøya and Flakstadøya.

DVOW Finalist: Nikita Yumshanov



Nikita Yum...

AirVuz contributor Nikita Yumshanov used a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone to create this marvelous aerial view of Russia's Ural Mountains.  Some of the world's oldest mountains, the Urals run a roughly north-south course and serve as the boundary between the European and Asian continents.  Once much higher but shortened due to the forces of erosion, the Urals reach heights of up to about 6.2k ft. above sea level or around 1.9k m.  The video was filmed in the southern part of the chain, which extends northwards all the way to the Arctic Sea.  

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