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Check out this outstanding demo reel by Turkish drone pilot dgarFPV.  At the :10 mark, you'll see one of the bridges which span the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, and just before the :30 there's a great shot of the city of Batumi, Georgia on the Black Sea.  After a collage involving shots of a large music concert, a stadium football match, and darkened skyscrapers, just after 1:00 there's a dramatic (no doubt well-supervised) shot of a plane landing past a car, followed by some great wind turbine shots, more spots in Georgia, and more.  

DVOW Finalist: nshabarkov


Europe From Above - Albania


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor nshabarkov brings us this excellent drone video tour of Albania.  At the :07 mark, you'll see two of the tiny Ksamil islets on the southern Albanian Riviera, followed by Gjipe Beach, at the opening of a canyon a bit to the north.  At :37, you'll see Porto Palermo Castle near Himarë, also on the southern Albanian coast.  Other locations include the Venetian Triangular Fortress near Butrint (1:09); the ancient city of Berat (1:27); the capital, Tirana (1:40); Rozafa Castle (2:20); and more.  

DVOW Finalist: Drone photography ireland




Multiple DVOW Finalist Drone Photography Ireland brings us this magnificent aerial video of Ireland's Mt. Errigal, one of the most famous peaks of the Emerald Isle.  It's  part of the Derryveagh Mountains (also known as the Seven Sisters) which cover much of Donegal, the northwesternmost county of the Irish Republic.  With a summit elevation of about 2.4k ft. above sea level (750 m), Errigal is known not so much for its height as its shape as well as its unique pinkish appearance in the right sunlight conditions.  

DVOW Finalist: Alexandre Velluet x Scandia Productions



Alexandre ...

One of the great appeals of Iceland is its other-wordly appearance.  Much of this is a function of the young age of the North Atlantic island, which began emerging from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean through a rift between two tectonic plates fewer than 20 million years ago - an infant in geological terms.  In this outstanding video by multiple Drone Video of the Week Winner Alexandre Velluet x Scandia Productions, you'll fly over Iceland, including the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano near Reykjavik.  

DVOW Finalist: CanariasDron




AirVuz contributor CanariasDron brings us this stunning drone video of the legendary beach town of Nazaré on the central coast of Portugal.  Located less than a two hour drive north of Lisbon, the town is blessed with an underwater canyon just offshore which causes the waves of the Atlantic Ocean to break in a manner which has helped turn this small fishing village into one of the top surfing spots in Europe.  The video features some epic footage of Nazaré Light, a lighthouse built in the early 1900's atop a 16th century fortress.   

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 33 (2023)

Drone Vide...

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