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AirVūz ReVūz: DJI Zenmuse X7

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On this episode of AirVūz ReVūz, Mike shows off his new DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera for the Inspire 2. Super 35mm Sensor, 6K CinemaDNG, 5.2K Apple ProRes, 14 Stops of Dynamic Range, this thing does it all. If you're looking for Hollywood-level visuals, you're gonna want to watch this review. Check out Mike's AMAZING footage of Downtown Minneapolis as he compares the X7 to its predecessor, the X5S. 


Winter Saint Petersburg Russia 6K. Shot on Zenmuse X7

Top contributor, used the DJI Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 camera to create this magnificent wintertime aerial tour of St. Petersburg, Russia's former capital city. The video features the following locations, in rough order of first appearance: the Winter Palace, Palace Square, the gold-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Stock Exchange Building at the tip of Vasilevsky Island, Kazan Cathedral, the Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge, Lakhta Center (Europe's tallest building as of 2019), and more.


DJI’s Zenmuse X7 in Action

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For less than $10K, filmmakers can now create high quality aerial content with the Zenmuse X7.  It was released by drone manufacturer DJI in October 2017 as an add-on to the Inspire 2 drone.  The X7 is a 6K, Super 35mm camera designed for drone use.  It's perfect for filmmakers and drone ops who want to bring their skills to the commercial level.  The Inspire 2 and X7 combo can help turn the advanced hobbyist into a pro.


My year of 2018

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This fantastic showreel by al_ca_la features a wide variety of scenes and shots, showing he put his DJI Inspire2 and ZenmuseX7 to good use. He includes underwater scenes, close-ups and wide shots of sleek cars, hyperlapses of cities and skyscrapers including the infamous strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, beautiful waterfalls, flamingos, people, and more. The editing techniques keep the pace moving while the shots speak for themselves.


Discover Qazaqstan


Check out this amazing drone video of Kazakhstan by baikenxx, a Drone Video of the Week and Month Winner in April 2019.  From the southern part of the country it includes footage of Sauran and Otyrar, the Akmeshit cave, the mausoleums of Arystan Bab and Kozha of Ahmed Yassawi. From western Kazakhstan you'll see footage of the Caspian Sea, the sacred sites of Becket Ata and Aday Ata. In the central part of the country, it has footage of Ulytau mountain and flamingos in the Korgalzhynsky Reserve. 


2019 Aerial Reel-Drone Media Chicago

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Prepare to be amazed by this outstanding aerial demo reel by top AirVuz contributor and commercial drone pilot Drone Media Chicago.  Most of the footage is shot around their hometown, the Windy City of Chicago.  You'll see amazing bird's eye views of a very frozen Lake Michigan, the fog-covered lakefront, the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, timelapse shots of the Loop area at night, and even a yoga session on the lakefront.  It's also got amazing action sequences, some incredible footage from Ireland, and more.  


2019 Showreel - Nelson Aerial Productions


From colorful, hot air balloons to tracking shots of exotic cars on winding roads, bmx bikers flying down the mountains to moving shots of flooded homes in need of help, this 2019 demo reel by nelsonaerialpros showcases their wide range as aerial cinematographers. This video also features aerial shots of massive dams, college football stadiums, small town parades, cruiseships, multimillion dollar properties and more. 


Milan in March - Zenmuse X7


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Electriclife used a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this stunning aerial video of Milan, the great northern Italian city.  It opens with an epic shot of the Santa Maria Delle Grazie covent, which is (famously) home to Da Vinci's Last Supper mural.   You'll also get treated to some amazing aerial views of the city's ultra-modern skyscrapers.  Shot on a clear day, you'll also see how this is a city which is nearly surrounded by mountains.  


FotoKnoff: Professional Drone Reel from Norway


Check out this amazing professional drone reel from Norway, compliments of contributor fotoknoff.  The reel shows a great range of both dynamic "action" shots such as spinning windmills, an epic reversed-direction overhead shot of a boat, as well as kayakers and others enjoying the great Norwegian outdoors.  Landscape shots include some of the country's legendary fjords and glaciers.  It also features timelapses of the capital city Oslo and even some Norwegian reindeer! This video was a DVOW nominee in April 2019.


Medieval Fortress | An Italian Castle in 6K Ultra HD


Located in the hills of southern Trentino (the southern half of the Trentino-Alto-Adige region of northern Italy), Castle Beseno dates back to the 16th century. Used as a fortress and re-shaped to protect its inhabitants against firearms, it sits overlooking the Adige Valley. Thanks to this high-definition drone footage by Dronescapes by Atellani (using an Inspire2 and ZenmuseX7), we are all able to appreciate the massive and impressive fortress that stands strong hundreds of years after it was originally built. 


Swiss Mountain Passes: Gotthard, Susten, Furka, and Grimsel


Top contributor Dronescapes by Atellani has done it again with his DJI Inspire 2 and ZenmuseX7 in this spectacular video of the snowy mountain passes of Switzerland. The Grimsel Pass, used by the Tour de Suisse; the Gotthard Pass, connecting northern and southern Switzerland since the Middle Ages; the Susten Pass, popular due to its phenomenal views of the Stein Glacier; and the Furka Pass, made famous by a chase scene in Goldfinger (1964), the third installment of the James Bond series, starring Sean Connery.


Budapest: A Taste of Europe

Prepare to be blown away by this astounding film (and winner in the Cityscapes category of the 6th Annual NYCDFF) of Budapest, Hungary, by 2x Drone Video Award-winning team  Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures many highlights of this cultural treasure on the Danube River: its famous bridges, the Baroque masterpiece Buda Castle, the Parliament Building on the riverfront, the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill, the St. Stephens Basilica, and more. 



NYC Sunset - Zenmuse X7

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OČI - Klam

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