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Barbados by Drone


Barbados: Summer, 2018 Island Living

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Contributor Niall Thomas brings us this beautiful drone video of the island of Barbados, near the capital city of Bridgetown.  On a map of the Caribbean islands, Barbados appears as an outlier; it sits outside the line of islands known as the Lesser Antilles which form the eastern boundary of the sea.  Situated due east of St. Kitts, it is still considered part of the Windward (southernmost) group of the Lesser Antilles.  Part of the British Commonwealth, it's been an independent nation since the 1960's.

Aerial Tour of "Hidden" Barbados


Hidden Treasures of Barbados

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For a 90 second tour of the Caribbean island nation of Barbados, it's hard to beat this drone video by Cielo.  Created using primarily drone footage, it will take you across this beautiful country, which was one of the first of the UK's Caribbean territitories to achieve independence in 1966.  The video includes footage of the capital city Bridgetown as well as the beautiful beaches which line the island, which actually sits outside of the line of islands known as the Windward Islands.  

Surfing in Barbados


Surfing the Soup Bowl, Barbados

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While the island of Barbados is considered a Caribbean island, it's technically not in the Caribbean Sea.  Rather, it sits due east of St. Vincent, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  With much stronger waves, Barbados offers the best surfing in the region.  In this video by Niall Thomas, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Barbados surfing scene in the Soup Bowl area on its northern shore.  It's part of an area called Bathsheba Beach, which was recently named one of the world's top 25 beaches by CN Traveler.



Turtles & Shipwrecks

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The North Swells

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Barbados Summer Vibes

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