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All about ReelSteadyGo - Things you Should Know

  • nurkfpv
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  • almost 5 years ago

Reelsteady is all the rage in the FPV community these days. It uses the GoPro’s gyro data instead of traditional image analysis, meaning you get near-flawless results on almost any shoot. As the company will say, “just load your video and we’ll take care of the rest.” However, like all good things, it’s not always as easy at it sounds. Lucky for you, professional drone racing pilot nurkfpv is giving you this tutorial with everything you should know before laying down the cash to buy the software. 


Shendrones Cinewhoop Full Build Guide

  • SFPV
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  • almost 5 years ago

It's an SFPV build video! In this nearly 40-minute piece, the top Bay Area pilot shows you the step-by-step process in building your own Shen Drones Squirt - aka the Cinewhoop. Colby will take you through the build, explaining the steps and elements while a small corner display takes the viewer through various websites so you can see where to find the parts he's working with. It's informative and very helpful for anyone looking to build a cinewhoop. 


you're mounting your battery WRONG!! || 2 minute tuesday

Wild Willy...

Professional FPV pilot Wild Willy FPV is back with some super helpful information on battery placement. Why is this important? If you want to flip or roll, aka do just about any tricks, you want your battery to be in the correct spot on the quad; it's science, people. He’ll explain that science behind his reasoning for a few minutes, then get out and shred up the Australian countryside with girlfriend and fellow AirVuz FPV Pilot to Watch, Harley Queen FPV. 



Wild Willy...

Wild Willy FPV has a problem. He has a Home Depot bucket filled with dead lipos. However, he’s not too worried about it and that’s not what this video is about. This video is about halving his rates to see if he can create smoother video to, as he puts it, fly as smooth as Gab707. See if it works (hint it ain’t easy to control the quad when you half your rates). It’s a fun edit, great flight, and an FPV Pilot to Watch video. 


one tip NOBODY talks about

Wild Willy...

 It’s a “What’s up guys!” kind of day for FPV pilot Wild Willy FPV and his girlfriend, pilot Harley Queen FPV. They’re out for a quick session, about to freestyle, when Wild Willy decides to talk about rates and stick tension on your radio. He debates which of these things is important and which is not; listen in and decide if you agree with his opinion. Then he'll shred up the outback, of course. 


I built and flew a $4,000 drone

  • nurkfpv
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How do you create the balance between higher image quality and FPV quads? Leave it to nurkfpv to find out how! We also wanted to know if the Drone Racing League Champion could create a rig that could hold a DSLR camera, which is much heavier and bulkier than a typical GoPro Session or other FPV camera. Watch him build the rig, hear about the tools and parts he uses in the set up, see if it flies, and more in this twenty-five minute, informative and educational video.



Let The Build Begin


Hurdles and Drifting tutorial


Tutorial: Reelsteady BASICS

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  • about 6 years ago