Bavaria During Covid-19


My Adventures in Corona-Crisis

Muhamad Ab...

Muhamad AbuShakra is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community, with three Drone Video of the Week "wins" as of mid-2020.  In this highly inspiring piece, he will take you over some of the most spectacular scenery of the southern German state of Bavaria during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, when social distancing measures left some of Germany's top tourist spots virtually empty.  Accompanying a message of hope, the video opens with an epic shot of the Neuschwanstein Castle before heading into the Bavarian Alps.

Isolation Dronies Compilation


Isolation Dronies

AirVūz Soc...

As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in the Spring of 2020, "social distancing" became a nearly universal catchphrase as governments took stringent measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.  With even small gatherings of people prohibited, drone pilots from the four corners of the Earth showed their solidarity by creating dronie shots which clearly demonstrated their adherence to social distancing protocols.  In this compilation by AirVuz, we've assembled some highlights from these "isolation dronies" from this incredibly trying period.   

Isolation Dronie from Norway


Dronie from the North


As the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak became a worldwide pandemic in early 2020, "Social Distancing" became the norm as hundreds of millions of people around the world were forced to isolate themselves to stop the spread of the disease.  During these dark times, solo dronies became a means for drone pilots to safely communicate with the rest of humanity and show their solidarity.  In this piece, top AirVuz contributor PilotViking and his canine friend show us his corner of the world in Western Norway.    

World in Quarantine Collaboration


A World in Quarantine vol. 1


Award-winning contributor Postandfly, who hails from Mexico, collaborated with several other drone pilots around the Spanish speaking world to create this stunning compilation of scenes during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  The video features footage of the following cities under near-lockdown conditions: Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Bogotá, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Córdoba, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and more.

The Pre-Pandemic World


Before Lockdown

Creative D...

With the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic putting most of the world's economy into an induced coma in the Spring of 2020, international recreational drew to a near-halt.  As the weeks dragged on, many planned destinations seemed to fade into the realm of dreams.  To remind us all of the beautiful world awaiting us when the social distancing measures get lifted, new contributor Creative Drone brings us this brilliant reel, created via collaboration with different drone pilots around the world.  Prepare to be amazed.

Isolation Dronie from the American Heartland


Isolation Dronie - Columbus, OH


As the Covid-19 virus became a world-wide epidemic in March, 2020 and "social isolation" became the word of the day, drone pilots were able to capture eerie scenes of once-bustling cities apparently emptied of people.  In this video, AirVuz' own AndrewAchter brings us a "dronie" shot from the Main Street Bridge in Columbus, Ohio, one of the first states to order a state-wide school closure.  Spanning the Scioto River, the bridge was the first in North America to use an inclined single-rib-tied arch design.

Delivery by Drone During Covid-19


Deliveries with a difference

Jacko Lowe...

As restaurants and bars around the world closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, some eating establishments were able to survive by takeout and by delivering their food to their customers homes, activities that were generally permitted to continue.  AirVuz contributor Jacko Lowe put together this fantastic video "advertisement" for a restaurant drone delivery service; while the actual meals travel by car and SUV, it was a (very) eye-catching way for the restaurant to promote its takeout and delivery services during a very trying time.  

Italian Solidarity During Covid-19



christian ...

As a show of Italian solidarity given the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic which swept through the country in March, 2020, AirVuz contributor christian.candita brings us this inspiring nighttime drone video from the castle town of Oria.  Oria is situated in Brindisi, the next-to-southernmost of the five provinces which make up the Apulia region in the southwestern corner of the country.  It's best known for its hilltop castle, parts of which date to the Antiquity but most of which dates to the 13th century.

FPV Wedding Video under Social Distancing


A Wedding with a jet surf under COVID 19 at lichadonisia by Takis Giannetos of Skyeye


As the Covid-19 pandemic required social distancing measures around the globe to fight the spread of the deadly virus, daily life required massive adjustments.  Rituals like weddings took on forms which would have been incompehensible in the pre-coronavirus era.  Witness this incredible video from Central Greece by Skyeye_Aerials.  Shot in the town of Lichades, the video uses first person view (FPV) racing drone footage to capture the groom cruising the waters of the North Euobean Gulf to meet his bride.  You have to see it to believe it! 

Helping Neighbors with FPV Drone


Drone saves neighbours at quarantine

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Being under community quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic, first person view (FPV) pilots came up with some very creative ways to amuse themselves (and their video viewers) while still practicing excellent social distancing.  Witness this crazy piece from AirVuz contributor craig_dt.  As best we can tell from watching his video, he used an FPV racing quad to deliver some "emergency" supplies to a friend in need.  It's really worth a watch, especially if you didn't think a mini-quad could carry a liquor bottle! 

Inspiring Italy


Italy: an ever lasting romance.

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As Italy showed tentative signs that the deadly Covid-19 pandemic had peaked in the country, Drone Video Award winner Druno put together this inspiring collection of some of his aerial footage from across the great country.  A masterpiece which reminds us what beauty awaits when the country re-opens for tourism, the video will take you over some of Italy's most spectacular and iconic scenery.  Some of the featured locations include Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Sicily, the Dolomite Mountains, and much more.  

Italy, Before the Storm


Italy Rises


Ravaged by the worldwide Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, Italy went into a virtual national quarantine in mid-March, 2020. The emergency actions, desperately needed to stem an outbreak claiming hundreds of lives a day, effectively closed one of the world's most beautiful countries to international and even domestic travelers. To help us all remember what awaits when the epidemic recedes, new AirVuz contributor Ale_headshot brings us this wonderful aerial collage of Italy before the epidemic took hold here. This video won DVOW in March 2020.



La mia Italia



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I fly away

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Stay home


Social distancing


Social Distance Dronies in Pequot

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