Central France: City Life in Paris


Paris d'or


Top contributor BeemFlights created this magnificent drone video of Paris, the great French capital.  The video alternates between the two most iconic sites in the City of Light: the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame de Paris, otherwise known as Notre Dame Cathedral.  The latter, which is one of the world's most well known churches, caught fire on April 15, 2019 and was badly damaged.  Located on the Île de la Cité in the River Seine, the 13th century Gothic landmark is one of France's greatest cultural treasures.  

Central France: City Life in Paris


Inspire 1 Drone Video of Paris


Contributor and pilot  titipuerh has been flying his DJI Inspire 1 drone in and around Paris, France for a few years. He put together this amazing compilation video of his flights around the French capital, which hosted the 1924 Summer Olympics and will do the same again in 2024. You will be treated to bird's eye views of some of the most well-known spots in the City of Light, including the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, Notre Dame, the bridges of the Seine, the modern La Défense District, and more!

Central France: City Life in Paris


Paris from Above

Cenk Kaya...

Cenk Kaya created this beautiful drone video of Paris, the City of Light.  The video captures some of the most widely recognized spots in the French capital city.  The highlight is a top-down sequence over the Notre-Dame de Paris, aka Notre Dame Cathedral, which begins at about the :30 mark.  The 14th century medieval church is considered amongst the world's finest examples of Gothic style architecture.  It's situated on the Île de la Cité, the Seine River island where the city of Paris was founded.

Central France: City Life in Paris


Paris Suburbs by DJI Mavic Pro

Etienne Le...

While Paris is without doubt one of the world's greatest cities, the population living within its actual city limits is actually quite modest - only about 2.1 million as of 2019.  What puts Paris in the front rank of the world's cities is the enormous population of the metropolitan area - over 12 million in the Île-de-France region of which it is the center.  In this drone video by top contributor Etienne Lehuédé, you'll get an aerial glimpse of this vast suburban sea, home to 10 million souls.   

Central France: City Life in Lyon


Lyon from the Sky

lyon Drone...

In this video, AirVuz contributor and pilot Lyon Drone Services gives us a fantastic aerial look at the French city of Lyon.  The city proper is the third largest in the country, and it's the center of the country's second-largest metropolitan area after Paris. A very old city, Lyon is the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which covers much of east-central France.  Built on the site of an ancient Roman refugee settlement, the city is home to many of France's high tech companies.  

Central France: Outside the City


Auvergne by Drone!

My Way...
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Auvergne is an area of Central France.  Historically an official region, a few years ago it was consolidated with the region to its east to form the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.  With few large cities, Auvergne is one of the most under-populated areas of the country.  While the region has a storied history dating to the Antiquity, what it is perhaps best known for now is its dormant volcanoes.  Contributor and drone pilot My Way gives us an aerial tour of this region in the heart of France.

Central France: Outside the City


Volcanoes in France - Puy de Dôme


Yes, you read that correctly: volcanoes in France.  Puy de Dôme is an active volcanic dome in the Masif Central region, close to the middle of the country.  It's less than 11,000 years old, a newborn in geological terms.  Contributor Astropote used a drone and four spotters to fly over the crater of the great dome, which is about 200 meters (650 ft) across and 90 meters (300 ft.) deep.  Puy de Dôme is now one of the major tourist destinations in south-central France.

Central France: Castles



freeway pr...

Chateau Chambord, which sits in the Loire River Valley of Central France, is frequently considered to be the greatest castle in the country. It was constructed in the 16th century as a hunting lodge for the French King Francis I, although it was never completed. Top contributor Freeway Prod shot drone footage of Chambord for a national French TV show. Prepare to be amazed by the bird's eye views of this French Renaissance architectural marvel, one of the Loire Valley's top tourist destinations.

Central France: Castles


Chateau de Chenonceau the most stunning Castle of Loire Valley! 4K

AVEA - Alt...

Take an aerial tour of one of the most famous Renaissance era castles in this drone video by AVEA - Alta Vista Epic Aerials.  The Château de Chenonceau is one of the two most famous of the 15th-16th century châteaus which line the Loire Valley of Central France.  The structure sits over the small River Cher in the department of Indre-et-Loire.  The current structure dates to the early 1500's; following its construction it was seized by the French Crown and in 1547 it was given by King Henry II to his mistress.   

Central France: Castles


Gardens of Villandry

freeway pr...

In connection with a French TV show, top contributor Freeway Prod created this magnificent drone video of the famous French castle Château de Villandry and its gardens.  The chateau is one of the more well known landmarks in the Loire River Valley of central France, home to many of the world's top Renaissance castles.  It was built in the early 1500's on the ruins of an older structure.  The chateau is located just outside the Loire-Anjou-Touraine regional park in the Indre-et-Loire department.

Central France: Watch the Episode!


Aerial Traveler - Central France

Aerial Tra...

Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz, and they've started the series off with views from Central France.  A finely curated collection packages these videos of French castles, Parisian landmarks, and the renowned countryside into a virtual travel itinerary, inviting us all to experience the aerial views from the best seat you’ll never need to reserve - right where you are now.

Croatia: Country Tour


Beautiful Croatia


For a two minute+ tour of some of the most beautiful spots in Croatia, it's hard to beat this video by contributor Hausmannvisuals.  Using a drone, he gives us some epic aerial shots of Split, Dubrovnik, Pelješac, Sreser, Ston, and other spots in this beautiful Southeast European country.  As you take in the beauty of the Adriatic waters, the mountain fortresses, and the medieval towns, you will appreciate why Croatia has been a favored shooting location for HBO's blockbuster Game of Thrones series. 

Croatia: Watch the Episode!


Aerial Traveler - Croatia

Aerial Tra...

In this segment, Aerial Traveler figuratively heads to the Southeast European nation of Croatia. Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.  A finely curated collection packages these videos into a virtual travel itinerary, inviting us all to experience the aerial views from the best seat you’ll never need to reserve - right where you are now.

Croatia: Well Known Landmarks


Croatia from above #krka #tribunj #split #klis


In this drone video, you'll be taken over some of the most beautiful spots on the famed Dalmatian Coast of Croatia in Southeastern Europe.  The video includes footage from the following locations: (1) Krka National Park, which houses a series of waterfalls near the mouth of the Krka River; (2) the lovely port town of Tribunj, which is just up the coast from Sibenik; (3) Split, the largest city on the Dalmatian Coast; and (4) the magnificent Fortress of Klis, which is perched atop a hill overlooking Split.  

Croatia: Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik by Drone

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Dubrovnik, the famed medieval town on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, has been on a run.  The one time capital of the Kingdom of Ragusa gained worldwide recognition by appearing as King's Landing in HBO's Game of Thrones.  Then, in 2017, its star shot even higher by appearing in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, the eighth episode in the series. In the film, Dubrovnik serves as the "casino planet" Canto Bight.  Check out this Adriatic Sea gem from a drone's eye perspective, courtesy of contributor Jaap.   

Croatia: Dubrovnik in HD


Dubrovnik in Cinematic High Definition


Contributor Justin Poore created this stunning aerial tour of Dubrovnik, the magnificent Croatian city located at the southernmost tip of the country on the Dalmatian Coast.  The city was the capital of the Republic of Ragusa in the late Medieval and Early Modern period, when it was one of the most important city-states in the eastern Mediterranean region.  Thanks in part to its extensive appearances in HBO's Game of Thrones series, Dubrovnik is now one of the top destinations anywhere in Southeastern Europe.  

Croatia: Yacht Week


Croatia Yacht Week 2017 | Week 23


The rise of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast to the ranks of the world's top sailing areas can be traced in no small measure to the Yacht Week, a company that arranges excursions throughout the Mediterranean in the summer months.  It began in Croatia, and while it's spread to Turkey and other spots, Croatia is still the centerpiece.  In this video, top contributor anthonytori spent his week on Croatia's Adriatic Sea waters with two drones; watch it and you will see why this is now one of Europe's top party scenes.

Croatia: Yacht Week




Croatia's Yacht Week has become one of the most important annual events in the rarefied world of international yachting.  It's actually one of a half dozen or so Yacht Weeks held around the world.  The Croatian version, which is the largest in Europe, is basically a seven day floating party along the country's famed Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic Sea.  Contributor Jantrnkaproductions used a combination of ground camera and drone footage to record the festivities in the Summer of 2018.

Croatia: Korcula



Andrej Viš...

Check out this stunning drone video of the island of Korcula, Croatia, compliments of contributor Andrej Vistica.  The island lies off the country's Dalmatian Coast in the Adriatic Sea, just south of the island of Hvar.  Most of the footage was shot around the town of Korcula, which lies on a peninsula near the eastern tip of the island.  the island, which is the country's second-largest, has been occupied since the second millennium BC.  Long and narrow, it covers about 280 square km or around 110 square mi.  

Croatia: Hvar


Beautiful Hvar


Contributor World_Wide_Drone brings us this beautiful aerial video of Hvar, one of the islands off of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast.  Hvar is one of a half-dozen larger islands off the central part of the coast, in the Adriatic Sea.  Like Korcula, Mljet, and the other islands in the area, Hvar is known for its beaches, seaside villages, and of course epic sailing.  An ancient land, Hvar is frequently cited in authoritative rankings of the world's top island destinations.  Watch this video and you'll see why! 

Croatia: Split


Awesome city of Split in Croatia | Drone Video

RVB Drone ...

Split is Croatia's second largest city, after the capital city of Zagreb.  With a metropolitan population of about 200,000, Split is also the primary city in the Dalmatia region, which covers much of the country's Adriatic Sea coastline.  Settled during the Antiquity, Split became home to Diocletian's Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD.  Here is an amazing bird's eye view of this cultural and historical gem, compliments of contributor and drone pilot RVB Drones. 

Croatia: Split & Zadar


Split & Zadar | Croatia | 4K Drone Video

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Zadar and Split both lie on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea.  Both feature stunning beaches, Roman and Venetian ruins, and architecture spanning centuries.  The allure of Split led to it being chosen as a filming location for HBO's Game of Thrones series; the character Daenerys Targaryen kept her dragons here.  Top contributor Hamza Mujtaba was nominated for the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Cities category for this amazing aerial video featuring these two beautiful cities.

Croatia: Plitvice Lakes



Nathan Jer...

Top contributor Nathan Jermy used a DJI Mavic Air to create this stunning aerial view of Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the great natural treasures of this Southeast European country.  The park is located in the mountainous interior of the country, near the border with Bosnia.  Its centerpiece is series of waterfalls formed by 16 interconnected lakes; the falls are some of the most famous in Europe.  A national park since 1949 (when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia), it's also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Croatia: Plitvice Lakes


Croatia's Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls: 2017

Travel Lif...

Plitvice Lakes is a connected series of lakes and waterfalls in Croatia in Southeastern Europe.  It's formed by a series of rivers draining the mountainous area of neighboring Bosnia, which come together to form 16 lakes.  The waters eventually unite to form the Korana River, creating one of the most spectacular bits of scenery in Europe.  In this video, contributor Travel Lifestyle gives us an epic bird's eye view of this natural wonder, considered one of the world's greatest waterfall systems.

Croatia: Ružica City and Krndija Mountain


Ružica grad :: Krndija mountain / Croatia


Contributor created an amazing aerial view of one of the largest fortified cities in the Southeastern European country of Croatia.  Ružica is located in the historical region of Slavonia, which is the easternmost part of the country.  The function of Ružica has varied over time, at times serving as a defensive fortress (given its strategic border locations) and at other times a residential castle.  It is situated on the slopes of Mt. Papuk, one of the mountains of eastern Croatia.  The city dates to the 13th century.  

Croatia: Pula


Winter Day in Pula


Contributor Buzzbomb created this beautiful drone video of an important provincial city in the Balkan nation of Croatia.  Pula is the principal city of Istria County, which covers the northwestern corner of the country.  A very old port city, it lies at the southern tip of a peninsula which juts southwards into the Adriatic Sea.  At about the :18 mark in the video you'll get a bird's eye view of one of the city's most famous landmarks: the Pula Arena, a Roman amphitheater constructed in the first century AD. 

Chile: Watch the Episode!


Aerial Traveler - Chile

Aerial Tra...

Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.  Each episode of the show focuses on a particular geography or theme. In this episode, you'll get to explore the great South American nation of Chile. Rusty and Allie will figuratively take you over some of the top sights in this fascinating country, ranging from the Atacama Desert to the Patagonia region.

Chile: San Pedro De Atacama


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


Top content creator and drone pilot Victorintheworld created this stunning aerial tour of the area around San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.  It's in the middle of the Atacama Desert, which runs along the northern coast of this South American country.  San Pedro de Atacama is heavily tied to the mining industry which dominates the economy of the Antofagasca region.  The video includes footage of some of the nearby attractions such as the Tatio geyser field, the Salar de Atacama Salt Flats, Lake Miscanti, and more.

Chile: Death Valley


Sandboarding in Death Valley, Chile's Atacama Desert

  • Airpica
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Enjoy an exciting ride down the sand dunes of Chile's Atacama Desert, courtesy of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Airpica.  He and his friends packed their sandboards and headed to the driest desert on the planet, where the soil is so remarkably similar to that on Mars that it as been the backdrop for  the television series "Space Odyssey".  Airpica's exciting footage makes for an out-of-this-world experience and a worthy nominee for the Drone Video of the Week contest in September, 2018.

Chile: Atacama Desert


Vale de La Luna - Atacama Desert - Chile

Luiz Gerba...

Part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve in northern Chile’s great Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna is a sight to behold.  You can see its enormous sand dunes, rugged mountains, and unique rock formations in this drone video by content creator and pilot Luiz Gerbase. The landscape is fascinating; it will remind you of the surface of the moon, or possibly even that of the "Red Planet," Mars.  The park is located just a few kilometers/miles to the east of the city of San Pedro de Atacama.  

Chile: Atacama



Patagonia ...

Sandwiched between the Pacific and the Andes, the incredible landscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert is like no place on earth. Contributor Patagonia Fixer created a memorable aerial video of this amazing arid zone, with its jagged, rust-colored ravines, white salt flats, and volcano-topped horizons.  The desert is closely studied by scientists as it is considered to be the "truest" desert in the world.  It is considered to be part of the broader Andes Mountains Sytem of western South America.

Chile: Santiago


Santiago Sunset and Skyline


Contributor and pilot atultaneja created this nicely captioned drone video of Chile's great capital city Santiago following a rainstorm.  The video includes footage of some of the city's most well-known spots, including Cerro San Cristobal, Parque Bicentenario, laguna Norte y Mestizo, Sky Costanera, and more.  Throughout the video, you'll get some great views of the Torre Santiago (part of the Costanera complex in the city's central business district); this is the tallest skyscraper in South America as of 2018.

Chile: Country Tour


Simple Pleasures: 2018

  • Airpica
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  • over 5 years ago

Check out this stunning drone video from the Andes Mountains of Chile, compliments of content creator and pilot Airpica.  Much of the footage involves various action sports, which can be found in abundance in this mountain paradise of South America.  The video includes footage of some epic snow- and sand-boarding sessions in the Llaima and Licancabur Volcanos, and even some surfing on the nearby Pacific beaches.  Prepare to be amazed by the spectacular beauty of this mountainous land.  



Road to the Mountain - Drone View

  • MSR
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  • over 6 years ago

As a city more or less surrounded by mountains, Chile's capital Santiago has plenty of nearby skiing opportunities.  In fact, most of the country's best ski resorts are an easy drive from the capital.  Or maybe it would be better to describe it as a short drive: distance wise, they are close, but the roads to get there are spectacularly curvy.  In this drone video from MSR_xyz, you'll get a bird's eye view of some of the country's finest slopes as well as the roads which lead there from the capital city.

Chile: Renaca


Beach Sunset, Renaca, Chile


Reñaca is a popular beach along Chile's long Pacific coastline.  It lies on the north end of Viña del Mar, Chile's fourth largest city and home to one of its largest concentration of beaches. Viña del Mar is part of the Valparaiso region, about midway down the coastline and just north of Santiago.  Reñaca was recently listed as one of the top beaches in South America in a ranking published by the Travel Channel.  Contributor Absafilms used a drone to create this beautiful aerial of Reñaca at sunset.

Chile: Viña del Mar


Viña del Mar, Chile: Drone Hyperlapse


If you want to know why Chile's Vina del Mar is becoming THE up and coming beach destination in South America, check out this unbelievable drone hyperlapse by contributor Tricapture.  It begins with a beautiful descent through the clouds to this city on the country's Pacific coast, north of Valparaiso.  Vina del Mar appears in the top spot amongst most rankings of Chile's beaches, and is increasingly showing up on worldwide top beach lists. The city lies just north of Valpraiso, Chile's #2 city.



The Largest Pool in the World (Chile)

Volare Vid...

Check out this stunning drone video of the world's largest swimming pool, compliments of contributor Volare Video.  The pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in central Chile was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest pool when it was completed in 2006.  It's situated in the town of Algarrobo, a bit over an hour's drive west of Santiago.  The pool is over 1,000 meters (about 3.3k ft.) long, and it holds a quarter billion (with a "b") gallons of H20, about 66 million gallons.  

Chile: Valparaiso's Hotel


"Winebox Hotel", Valpraiso: The Coolest Hotel in South America


Valparaiso is Chile's second largest city, lying on the Pacific Coast of the country roughly 100 km (60 mi) to the northwest of the capital and principal city Santiago.  Valparaiso's winebox hotel may enjoy the distinction of being the world's only hotel made of recycled materials.  Contributor Absafilms used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this highly unusual lodging.  The city continues to be an important shipping center, at one point having the nickname Little San Francisco.  



Aerial film from PUERTO VARAS, Drone Chile


If you didn't read this and just watched this video by Chris-AD-Audiovisual, you might think it came from Europe.  In fact, it was shot in a city called Puerta Varas in Chile.  The town is located in the Los Lagos Region, an area that is considered part of Northern Patagonia.  It sits on the shores of Llanquihue Lake, the country's second-largest and a major tourist destination in southern Chile.  The town was settled by German immigrants in the mid-19th century and it's known for its German traditions.  

Chile: Culcão Osorno


Vulcão Osorno - Chile


Top contributor and pilot DRONEAVENTURA used a drone to aerially capture a climb to the top of one of the most famous volcanoes in South America.  Chile's Osorno Volcano is situated in two provinces of the Los Lagos region of the country, which is about two-thirds of the way down the country's length.  Its peak altitude is about 2.65k meters (around 8.7k ft.).  The volcano is known not so much for its height as its shape; its conical profile is often compared to Japan's near-perfectly formed Mt. Fuji.



Torres de Paine, Chile: Hiking the W Circuit


Contributor Where-is-Fab created this amazing drone video of one of the top hiking trails in South America.  He and a group of friends tackled the "W" circuit at the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.  The park is one of the larger tourist attractions in Chile, receiving about a quarter million visitors per year, many of whom are foreigners.  The stunning beauty of the area has caught the eye of filmmakers; Torres del Paine was a filming location for the 2012 action movie Wrath of the Titans.

Chile: Pia Glacier


Pia Glacier

Fabio Knol...

The Pia Glacier runs along the Chilean side of the strait on the Beagle Channel, a strait which runs parallel to the Strait of Magellan in Patagonia (the name for the southern "cone" of South America).  In this stunning drone video, top contributor Fabio Knoll flew his drone over this magnificent ice formation, giving us a magnificent bird's eye view of the glacier's amazing texture.  The glaciers of Patagonia are some of the most spectacular in the world; a number are the world's biggest outside of the polar ice caps.  

Chile: Patagonia




Top contributor semberadventure created this stunning 4k drone video from Chilean Patagonia.  Picked as a Finalist for DVOW, the video beautifully captures the beauty of the southern "cone" of South America, home to some of the world's most spectacular glaciers, valleys, and mountain peaks.  There's something for everyone in this production, which begins with a shot of an iconic looking glacial lake and features footage from some of the region's famous hiking trails and even some of its unique wildlife.

Portugal: Watch the Aerial Traveler Episode!


Aerial Traveler - Portugal

Aerial Tra...

Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.  A finely curated collection packages these videos into a virtual travel itinerary, inviting us all to experience the aerial views from the best seat you’ll never need to reserve - right where you are now. This month, Aerial Traveler heads to Portugal, watch the episode now to see it all for yourself!



Amazing Portugal 4K drone footage | DJI MAVIC AIR

Hubert Jim...

Contributor and drone pilot Hubert Zielenski created this unforgettable aerial tour of Portugal.  Situated in the southwestern corner of Europe, Portugal was once known as the Edge of the World, and then went on to launch the great Age of Exploration.  His video includes stunning bird's eye footage of Sintra, the capital city of Lisbon, the northern city of Porto, and the southern region of Algarve.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Air drone, this video was a winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in June, 2018. 



Algarve : A new perspective

  • Breo
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  • over 5 years ago

The magnificent natural beauty of Portugal's Algarve region are on full display here in this amazing video by contributor and drone pilot Breo.  The region at the southern tip of Portugal has emerged as one of Europe's top beach destinations, and when you watch this you'll see why.  Its pink cliffs, the deep blue waters of the Bay of Cadiz, and the complex shape of the coastline, and the charm of its seaside towns combine to create an irresistible appeal.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro in full 4K.  



10 Days in Portugal in 60 Seconds

  • guydrory
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  • about 5 years ago

Contributor guydrory managed to condense a 10 day trip through Portugal into this amazing 60 second drone reel.  The video opens with an epic shot of Pena Palace, the Romanticist masterpiece which is situated in the Sintra province.  From there, you'll be taken over the famous rock formations of nearby Cascais Beach, and the Belém Tower fortification in the Tagus River which defended Lisbon.  From there it's on to hilltop medieval castles, verdant river valleys, and more from this beautiful country.  

Portugal: Azores


Journey through Azores


There is something about this drone video by top contributor and pilot Nonexistent Jay of Portugal's Azores archipelago that is just amazing.  The deep blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, the volcanic craters, the narrow winding roads, the fog-enshrouded hilltops, the lush green valleys - it just works.  The nine volcanic islands are vestiges of the once-mighty Portuguese Empire; now they operate as a semi-automous region, similar to Madeira, which is an island located closer to the Portuguese mainland.  

Portugal: Lisbon


Lisbon Portugal in Cinematic High Definition


In this video, top contributor Justin Poore used a drone to give us an unforgettable look at the amazing city of Lisbon, Portugal.  The video captures many of the top sights in the Portuguese capital, including an epic shot of its iconic 25 de Abril Bridge at around the 1:40 mark.  The red-colored bridge spanning the Tagus River between Lisbon and Almada has been a filming location for numerous movies, notably the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the seventh movie in the series.

Portugal: Porto


PORTO ● Portugal 【4K】 Cinematic Drone [2019]


Contributor TravelPenguin created this awesome 4k drone video of the great Portuguese city of Porto. Porto is the country's second city (after Lisbon) and is the center of the main urban concentration of the northern part of the country. It sits on the estuary of the Douro River, a few km/mi inland from its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean.  The video features footage of the Porto historical city center (which is a UNESCO World Heritage site), the famous Dom Luís I Bridge over the Douro River, and more. This video was a DVOW finalist in August, 2019.

Portugal: Azores


The Azores: An Aerial Story

Make It Vi...

Contributor din_film used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this stunning teaser for a planned series on Portugal's Azores islands.  The first part of the video features footage from three of the lesser known islands of the North Atlantic Ocean island group: Villa do Corvo (the northernmost Azore), Faial, and Pico, which are situated near the main island of Sao Miguel in the middle of the archipelago.  The video concludes with some epic shots of Flores, which is the westernmost of the main islands.  

Portugal: Flores


Lost in the Ocean: Flores and Corvo Islands


Contributor Pedrolftavares created this stunning drone video of the so-called Western Azores, the islands which lie the furthest distance from mainland Portugal.  There are two main islands in the group: Flores and Corvo.  The two islands are not only the most remote of the group, they are also the least populous.  Flores, the larger of the two, has a population of around 4,000.  Corvo, which lies to the north of Flores, has only a tenth as many people.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone. 

Portugal: Algarve


Algarve Portugal - Skydiving in paradise


This film puts new meaning to the term ‘aerial video’. Creator ChrisNorway combines drone footage with skydiving footage to highlight the stunning coast of Portugal in its Algarve region of the south.  It skillfully combines "ground" footage from the skydivers themselves with drone footage of the on the coastal side of the drop zone.  Prepare to be amazed not only by the skydiving but also by the spectacular coastline of this increasingly popular region of the Iberian Peninsula.  

Portugal: Lisbon


Soaring Over Lisbon (4K)

  • martigen
    • 3.5k VŪZ
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    • 23
  • about 6 years ago

Contributor Martigen created this marvelous drone video of the Portuguese capital city Lisbon.  It opens with a magnificent shot of Praça do Comércio on the Tagus River.  The square was built on the ruins of the Ribeira Palace, the great Portuguese royal palace.  The palace along with  much of Lisbon was destroyed in one of history's greatest natural disasters: the 1755 earthquake, which is estimated to have registered up to 9.0 on the Richter Scale, leveled much of the city, and killed up to 100,000 people.  

Portugal: Lisbon


Lisbon by Drone with Stunning Footage of Christ the King Statue

Marian Pec...

Prepare to be blown away by this incredible drone video of the great Portuguese city of Lisbon, compliments of contributor p3c0.  The video leads off with some epic overhead footage of the Christ the King (Santuário de Cristo Rei) monument overlooking the city, its most recognized landmark and one of the most well known statues in the world.  Completed in 1959, it was inspired by a similar statue in Rio de Janeiro and was built to express national gratitude for avoiding the horrors of World War II.

Portugal: Sintra


Sintra Magic Land

Francisco ...

AirVuz contributor Francisco Rodriguez created this excellent aerial mini-tour of the Portuguese province of Sintra, which is located a short distance northast of Lisbon.  The video opens with shots of the hilltop Romanesque Revival style Pena Palace covered in mist.  From there you'll head to the Sintra coast, which forms the heart of the Portuguese Riviera.  Coastal highlights include Ursa Beach (Praia da Ursa), which is visually distinguished by its sharp offshore rock formations.    

Portugal: Palace of Pena


The Palace of Pena

  • guydrory
    • 4.7k VŪZ
    • 23
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  • about 5 years ago

Contributor guydrory created this magnificent aerial view of Pena Palace, one of the great cultural treasures of Portugal and widely considered one of the world's top 4-5 castles.  It's located in the hills of the Sintra province, northwest of Lisbon.  Completed on the site of a ruined medieval monastery in 1854, it was built as a summer residence for the Portuguese Royal Family.  Its design represents one of the more prominent architectural expressions of 19th century Romanticist thought.  

Portugal: Country Showreel




Here is an awesome aerial reel from Portugal by top contributor flyingbydaniel.  The footage was shot with three different DJI drone models: the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro 2, and Phantom 4 Pro.  Highlights include footage of the great capital city of Lisbon, the northern city of Porto (Portugal's second largest urban area), as well as the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Africa.  Get a tour of this magnificent country compliments of a very talented aerial videographer! 

Portugal: Castle of Obidos


Castle of Óbidos, Portugal


Óbidos Castle is one of Portugal's most famous.  The castle is situated in a city of the same name in the Leira district in the country's Centro region.  The great structure was built in the 12th century on the site of an old Roman fort, following the Reconquista of Portugal by Christian forces.  In 1951, the castle and grounds were designated as a national monument and restored with government funds.  You can see this famous castle from above in this drone video, compliments of Pedrodrone4k.  

Portugal Praia Grande


Surfing in Praia Grande with a beautiful Sunset

Francisco ...

Contributor Francisco Rodriguez created this amazing drone video of the surfing scene at Praia Grande Beach, one of Portugal's most famous beaches.  It's located in the Sintra province of the Greater Lisbon region, just a bit west-northwest of the capital city.  It's part of the area sometimes known as the Portuguese Riviera, a stretch of Atlantic coastline that includes other famed beaches such as Cabo de Roca and Cascais, which are more popular with swimmers (as opposed to surfers) and lie to its south.  

Portugal: Surfing


Atlantic Moods


Europe's best surfing is found in areas of the Portuguese and French coasts facing the Atlantic Ocean.  While a wetsuit is generally required, the surfing action is top-notch.  Contributor Atlantic Drones traveled to Hossegor in southwestern France and Nazare on the Portuguese coast to film some of these surfing spots.  Using a combination of gimbal stabilized camera drones and FPV drones he created this epic video showing the best of the European surfing scene. 

Portugal: Cascais Beach


Cascais Beach, Portugal from the Sky


Cascais is a town lying on the Portuguese Atlantic coast immediately to the west of Portugal's capital city Lisbon, near the middle of the country's Atlantic coastline.  Part of the area known as the Portuguese Riviera, Cascais is the most popular beach area in Portugal and one of the finest on the European continent.  Contributor Deardrone used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to fly over this spectacular resort area, and the aerial views of the colorful umbrellas, happy beach goers, and refreshing waters is not to be missed!

Portugal: Cabo da Roca


Trip to Cabo da Roca 4K UltraHD


Cabo de Roca in southwestern Portugal enjoys the distinction of being the westernmost location in mainland Europe.  It is part of the Sintra district, which lies to the north and west of the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon.  The landscape of Cabo de Roca is one of white sand beaches and spectacular cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Contributor and pilot Flying Visions flew a drone over this amazing spot, giving us a beautiful aerial view of what was once the western edge of Europe's known world. 

Portugal: Porto


Oporto // Change Perspective

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Porto (Oporto) is Portugal's second city after the capital Lisbon.  It's the most important city in the country's norte region.  It is the city after which port wine is named, and it remains the most important source for that libation.  The city dates to the Antiquity.  Culturally it is at least as significant as Lisbon if not more so, and the entire core city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  In this stunning video, Sprintz gives us a bird's eye view at this city which is located in an estuary of the Douro River.

Portugal: Madeira


Exploring Madeira


Contributor KasperReisner created this amazing drone video of the Portuguese island of Madeira.  Actually a main island plus a small group of islands, it lies almost due west from the Moroccan city of Marakkesh.  Its volcanic origins and rare fauna and flora have turned it into a magnet for outdoor-seeking tourists looking for somewhat off-the-beaten-path destinations.  Enjoy the aerial views of the magnificent coastlines and lush green interior of this volcanic wonder in the Atlantic Ocean!

Portugal: Madeira


The Magic of Madeira

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  • almost 7 years ago

Lexern created this beautiful aerial mini-tour of Madeira, an island territory of Portugal which is located off the coast of North Africa.  The video opens with an impressive shot of Funchal, the main island's primary city, which is also capital of the Madeira administrative region (one of the seven into which Portugal is divided).  The city lies on the island's southern coast.  From there, you'll get a look at some spots on the interior of the island, which was formed by a giant stratovolcano on the ocean floor.  

Portugal: Madeira


Madeira, Portugal

Henrique N...

The autonomous region of Madeira, Portugal is a stunning collection of four islands off the coast of northwest Africa. Known for their namesake wine, the volcanic islands offer  some of the world's most unusual landscapes. The warm, subtropical climate with its rolling, rugged cliffs and pebbly beaches can be seen in this 4K drone video Henrique Nibes. He’ll explore this beautiful land, which is considered the first conquest in Europe's Age of Discovery that began in the early 15th century.  

Scottish Highlands: Watch the Episode!


Aerial Traveler - Scottish Highlands

Aerial Tra...

In this episode of the AirVuz Original series Aerial Traveler, you'll be taken to (and over) the famed Scottish Highlands.  The program features some of the most well-recognized Highlands spots in videos shared by members of the AirVuz community.  If you're thinking (or even dreaming) of planning a trip to this fabled region in the northern UK, you won't want to miss this narrated tour of places like the Isle of Skye; Eilean Donan, Kilchurn, Stalker, and Urquhart Castles; Glenfinnan Viaduct; Loch Ness; and more.



Skyline Vi...

Contributor Skyline View Productions used a drone to record a van trip through the famed Scottish Highlands. The video opens with shots of Talisker distillery, located in Carbost, on the Isle of Skye. Established in 1830 and now owned by the Diageo liquor industry titan, Talisker’s is one of the more well known producers of Scottish single malt whiskey.  The video goes on to feature other Highland sights, including gushing falls, scenic beaches, rolling hills, and medieval castles.


Spectacular Scotland - 4K Drone Video


This magnificent video by top contributor LukeMaximoBell will take you over some of the most beautiful and well-known sights of Scotland.  Featured locations include (in order of appearance): Eilean Donan Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Collieston, Pennan, Wick, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Duncansby Head, the Isle of Skye, the Old Man of Storr, Kilt Falls, Neist Point Lighthouse, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Edinburgh, and the Firth of Forth Bridge.  The video was a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in December, 2018. 


Rannoch Moor


The roughly 50-square-miles of boggy moorland, known as Rannoch Moor, is something to behold from above. Shot in the winter on the Mavic 2 Pro by newcastlemale, it is easy to see why it is described as both desolate and beautiful. West of Loch Rannoch in Scotland, the area is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation that is notable for its wildlife.  Among other distinctions, Rannoch Moor is the home of the Rannoch Rush, a rare flower species.  


From Dusk to Dawn at Eileen Donan Castle - DJI Mavic Pro


Skydronauts used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial tour of one of the most famous castles in Scotland.  Eilean Donan Castle is in the western Highlands, on a small tidal island near the intersection of three lochs (lakes).  Built in the 13th century, the castle has captured the imagination of movie producers looking for iconic castle backdrops.  Some of the movies in which it's appeared include Highlander (1986), the 21st James Bond film The World is Not Enough (1999), and Made of Honor (2008).    


Glenfinnan Viaduct | Scotland

Play North...

Play North used a drone to create this stunning aerial view of Glenfinnan Viaduct, an important train bridge in Scotland.  It's located on the West Highland Line, which runs through the Shire of Inverness in west central Scotland.  Completed in 1899, its iconic appearance has made it a shooting location for multiple movie productions.  The most well known of these is the Harry Potter series; the viaduct has appeared in all four films in the series thus far and is often referred to as Harry Potter Bridge.  


Scotland - An Aerial Showreel


Contributor Perfectview created this amazing drone reel highlighting his professional work across the great land of Scotland.  The video begins with shots around Cairngorms, a mountain range in the central Scottish Highlands.  The next clips are of a historical steam train which is based in Aviemore, also near the mountains.  From there the video will take you to the Hebrides Islands off Scotland's western coast, back to the mainland, including a stop in Aberdeen for some work that appeared on a TV show.


Aerial Scotland


Behold this magnificent drone tour of the Scottish Highlands, compliments of Haussmannvisuals, whose video of Hong Kong was selected as a Finalist for the second annual Drone Video Awards.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video features epic aerial shots of Storr, Eilean Donan Castle, Glennfinan Viaduct, Neist Point and other points both on the mainland and the Isle of Skye.  If you enjoy bird's eye views of stunning cliffs, lochs, glens, moors, this video will satisfy your appetite! 


Splendid Scotland | Drone 4K


The historic region of the Scottish Highlands are seen from a bird's eye perspective in this dramatic drone video by Drone Video Awards' winning pilot davidaguilar. He’s taken his DJI Mavic Air through this legendary area dominated by ancient mountain ranges, medieval castles, lochs, and glens. This cinematic, 4K piece features those incredible mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as the magnificent looking rocks that dominate the Isle of Skye and the majestic castles of Glencoe. This video won DVOW in August, 2019.


Scottish Highlands

Flying Hor...

Talented pilot Flying Horizons gives us a 4K aerial tour of both Scotland's Isle of Skye and the mainland Scottish Highlands via his DJI Mavic 2 Pro in this film, which was picked as a DVOW Finalist in April, 2019.  The video opens with some epic shots of Eilean Donan Castle, which sits at the intersection of three lochs and is one of Scotland's most famous.  Then it's on to the Isle of Skye (the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands) for equally epic views of its two most famous sites: Mealt Falls and the Old Man of Storr rock formation.  


Discovering the Scottish Highlands | Ben Mars

Ben Mars...
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The Scottish Highlands, which cover the northern and western portions of the region, offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the United Kingdom.  In this video, contributor and pilot Ben Mars uses his DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone to give us an unforgettable picture of this land, including shots of the mountainous Isle of Skye and the area around the village of Dornie in Ross-shire.  This video was picked as a finalist in for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in the Spring of 2018.


Glenfinnan Viaduct - no trains to Hogwarts today - Dji Mavic Pro - Skydronauts.uk


For nearly 20 years, Scotland's Glenfinnan Viaduct has been indelibly associated with the Harry Potter movie series, the most successful in the history of cinema.  The bridge which carried the Hogwarts Express has turned this small town in the Scottish Highlands into a major tourist destination.  Skydronauts used a drone to give us a beautiful look at this landmark, which was constructed at the turn of the 20th century and was considered a major infrastructure investment in the Highlands.  



Albacross ...

The Scottish town of Glenfinnan was famous long before its viaduct became known as the Harry Potter Bridge.  That's because it was the scene of the opening of the Jacobite Uprising, the attempt by the Stuart family and its Highland clan allies to depose the Crown.  In August, 1745, he stood on the shore of Loch Shiel and raised the Royal Standard.  Both the monument constructed to commemorate this historic event, as well as the viaduct, are on full display in this drone video by Albacross Imaging.


Buachaille Etive Mòr

Albacross ...

While the James Bond movie series has always had a Scottish connection, Skyfall (2012, #25 in the series) went much further by making Scotland a "co-star".  One of the more iconic scenes in the movie, involving 007 (played by Dan Craig) driving his Aston Martin, was shot near Buachaille Etive Mor, a mountain at the head of the Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands.  Contributor and pilot Albacross Imaging brings us this beautiful drone video of the stunning mountain, one of Scotland's more recognizable spots.


Ben Nevis Scotland


In this short drone video, you'll get a nice look at Scotland's Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom.  It's situated at the western end of the Grampian Mountains, the middle of the three main mountain range which run on generally east-west axes across the region.  Ben Nevis has a peak elevation of about 1.35k meters (around 4.4k ft.) above sea level.  Its steep cliffs make it one of the most popular spots for rock climbing in the British Isles, as well as for hiking and other outdoor activities. 


Rannoch Moor, December 2018

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Moors are a type of wetland which can occur both in the upland and lowland areas of Scotland.  In this video by contributor and drone pilot LKDWN, you'll get a drone's eye view of Rannoch Moor, one of Scotland's famous moorlands.  It is situated to the west of Loch Rannoch in Perth & Kinross, one of the Scottish council areas in the central part of the country.  Like many wetlands, the area is prized in part for its wildlife.  Famously, the moor is the sole natural habitat for the Rannoch-rush flowering plant.


Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe, Scotland


Mountain Surfing is a term of art in the world of first person view (FPV) drone piloting - it basically means flying a racing drone over mountain ridges and down slopes and (of course) capturing it in HD video.  In this video, contributor and FPV pilot ARI3S FPV takes on one of the highest peaks in the Scottish Highlands: Bidean nam Bian.  With a peak elevation of 1.15k meters (about 3.8k ft.), it's the highest peak in County Argyll in the western Highlands. It's located just south of the town of Glen Coe.