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Wake Boarding

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Wakeboarding and Drones


NurkFPV has shown that he is not afraid of putting his FPV quads in harm's way.  It's no surprise then that he and his wakeboarder bud, Randy Kizer, took some freestyle risks in the filming of this crazy good drone video.  Flying a racing quad over water and allowing your buddy to chase you with a set of (sharp enough!) blades can be tricky biz.  Nonetheless, these guys manage to pull through the good fun with an action-packed FPV vid you just have to watch for yourself!

Slalom Waterskiing

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Miniquads and Slalomski ||Part 1|| - Funsports filmed with a Racing Drone


FPV pilot JibberFPV took on a challenge to combine the thrills of racing drones and slalom skiing in this rad drone video.  His challenge was conquered as he speeds along the water skier with his mini-quadcopter right in tow, providing plenty of high-energy aerial footage.

Jet Skiing and Water Slides

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Pilot Red—fpv's videos always seem to take it to the next level, location-wise. Take a look at this mix where he’ll take you literally through the water (several times, in fact), and up close and personal with jet skiers and waterpark enthusiasts alike. If you’re not impressed enough, he’ll even slow things down for you so you can really take in the wicked ride that is every flight in this FPV medley. 

Wake Boarding

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Johnny FPV x Wakeboarding


If flying a racing quad over water was the first frontier in FPV, over-water flight while filming a wakeboarding must be the sixth or seventh.  And if there is anyone who can unlock the power of FPV drones to film an epic wakeboarding session, it's JohnnyFPV.  This video was shot on the waters of Lake Minnetonka, a large recreational lake just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Jet Skiing

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Chasing Jetski | Freestyle Forest - HQ Prop 5x4.8x3

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This girl can fly. MGfpv takes us on a bangin’ ride behind a jet ski at sunset. Turns out tracking a speedy object on the water is not an easy task, but she does it and does it well. After the beach, MGfpv gets her flow on through the trees with what she says were her favorite props to far. 

Acrobatic Wake Boarding

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Getting Shreddy on the Lake


In this video, contributor Munoa32 manages to combine some epic wakeboarding with a spectacular location.  Shot on a beautiful lake in the Rocky Mountains of the western USA, you couldn't ask for a more amazing setting.  Munoa32's drone does a beautiful job of capturing this very talented wakeboarder doing all manner of flips and tricks, seemingly undistracted by his breathtaking surroundings.  

Wake Boarding, Jet Skiing, and Water Skiing

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FPV, Wakeboard, Jet Ski and Water Ski - Chile


What a way to watch watersports! FPV has completely changed the game when it comes to filming any and all action sports. From the proximity, to the unqiue angles, ability to keep pace with the extreme athletes, and more it really is the only way to watch these sports. This watersports video by prisvanrees is no exception - let it rip, man!

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Jetski Hungarian championship Levelek 2017 08 06

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Have you ever seen this many jetskis race around an obstacle course, pushing at full throttle, at such tight proximity to one another? We hadn’t either until daring FPV pilot Shoots captured the race in this drone video. He used both the Runcam Swift 2 and the GoPro Session 5 to capture the races and says his quad survived all the water it took on, but barely. 

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Epic wrap with Anthony Walsh


Hawaiian surfer Anthony Walsh debuted in 2007 and has been ripping up the pipe ever since. The goofy footed (or left stance) surfer has become well-known for using GoPros and drones to capturing surfing from that rarely-seen perspective. AirVuz Drone Video Awards nominee comradewang.FPV was one such FPV drone pilot that captured the surfer, taking this video as he coasts his way back to shore.

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Flyboard show Daniel Guerra world champion 2018


Professional Flyboarder Daniel Guerra began skateboarding as a child in Cartagena, Colombia. When he was 16 he tried his hand at flyboarding, from then on that was his extreme sport of choice. Years later, he’s been dubbed World Champion. It’s pretty incredible what this athlete can do and there is no one better to show off his skills than FPV pilot Red—FPV, who’s ability to capture extreme sports and dynamic scenes is legendary.

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Kiteboarding is the action sport that combines aspects of snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding, wake boarding, and sailing all into one very extreme sport. The kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a power kite to propel themselves across water, land or snow. JohnyyFPV captured two kiteboarders making their way across the water, then sauces it up with some fancy, tight tree proximity flying and skyscraper diving in this aptly-titled flight. 

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Starting off with some straight up ripping across the sand, Red—FPV leaves us wanting more in this short, yet beastly surfing-by-FPV video. He’ll get up close and personal with the waves and the surfers who are taking them on, giving the viewer the perspective you need in order to truly appreciate just how incredibly talented and brave these surfers are. 

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FPV Adventure - Extreme Kite Surfing Session


The first surfboard was brought to Israel in the 1950’s by a Californian doctor. After the introduction, the sport took off in rapid-fire fashion, eventually leading to windsurfing and kitesurfing along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline. Kitesurfer Hay Katz is one of the greatest in the country and you’ll see why within seconds of this phenomenal, 4K FPV video by MaayanFPV. Our pilot captures Katz while he literally walks on water before bouncing back on his board as the sun sets over the glistening waters of the Mediterranean. 

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FPV with the WAVES

Multicopter Maui

Drone videos bring a fresh, unique perspective to many extreme sports. Water sports have never been filmed from an aerial perspective quite as well as they can be with quadcopters, specifically FPV or mini-quads. See this prime example by Multicopter Maui, as he gets the tightest, freshest and closest shots of surfers as they take on the famous Hawaiian waves. 

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#LakeLife - Wake surfing fun on Lake Minnetonka with Drone Racer JohnnyFPV


We, at AirVuz, love taking beloved pilots out to our neck of the woods, Minnesota, USA. That includes AirVuz FPV Pilot and Professional Drone Pilot JohnnyFPV, who took a spin out on my family’s MasterCraft Wakesurfing boat on the locally-infamous Lake Minnetonka. It was a day to remember for my family, wakeboarder and AirVuz staff member Patrick, and Sky Candy Studios who took the supplemental drone footage seen in this video. 

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Jet Ski So Fun..........


The title says it all, jetsking is so fun and so is this bright and zippy video by FPV pilot Hoonigan. He’ll take his quad and capture the jetskier as he donuts around and around while someone else rides along in a circle tube. It’s a dizzying, fun ride, but the best part of the video is when the jetski ditches the tube and rips up the water. Hoonigan takes advantage, shredding around the extreme athlete while having a blast showing off his own skills in the process. 

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Flying Through A Moving Boat

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When a video opens with a guy face-planting while wakesurfing, you know it’s going to be a good video. That’s just the beginning. FPV pilot and Drone Video Awards nominee JZFPV sends it while trailing his buddy's boat on a beautiful, summer day. He’ll even literally travel through the moving boat, a move he says he didn’t plan to do but it turned out to be an epic way to end this FPV video.

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We’ll get up close and personal with the waves in Chile as drone pilot presvanrees tails some surfers as they, in turn, take on the South Pacific Ocean's waves. The northern region of the country is known for attracting surfers from all over the world. Although the waves in central Chile are bigger, those northern waves are stronger and better suited for surfing. However, due to the wetsuit, we think this FPV session was flown along the coast of central or southern Chile where the waters are much colder.