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This piece is a creative joy, brought to us by pilot antonioxt5. The footage of wakesurfers is incredibly sharp and the angles are impressive, tight, and perfectly framed. Combined with the already visually-interesting sport that is wakesurfing and the beautiful sun, blazing in the background, is his creative editing techniques - swiping and wiping footage from frame to frame. It’s a light, fun piece that should inspire you to try new editing tricks of your own.

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Wakebaording the fjords of Norway


No, the title of this video is not a misprint.  Contributor Torsteintuhaug used a DJI Phantom 4 to film a very brave wakeboarder hitting a fjord in Norway.  It goes without saying that the boarder wore a wetsuit, but still, Norway?  It doesn't matter what time of year this was taken, that water is COLD.  If they didn't have a drone to record this craziness for posterity, who would have believed them?  

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Professional Skier Corey Seemann Slalom Skiing


Using a drone to film a waterskier is tricky, especially if the skier is operating within a wide arc.  One way to deal with this is to use multiple drones.  Contributor Elliotteiden did just that to make this epic edit of pro waterskier Corey Seamann.  The video was produced using footage taken by a DJI Phantom 3 drone operating in tandem with a Mavic Pro model, then stitched together in post-production.   

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Johnny FPV x Wakeboarding


If flying a racing quad over water was the first frontier in FPV, over-water flight while filming a wakeboarding must be the sixth or seventh.  And if there is anyone who can unlock the power of FPV drones to film an epic wakeboarding session, it's JohnnyFPV.  This video was shot on the waters of Lake Minnetonka, a large recreational lake just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

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Ryan's Ridiculous: Wild Wake Sporting

Ryan's Ridiculous

Ryan's trip to the Turks & Caicos would not have been complete without some wakeboarding, and not just any run-of-the-mill tourist wakeboarding.  No surprise then that some epic flips are involved, that's just par for the course.  If you're going to capture this on a drone though, a new stunt beckons.  Who says that the wakeboarder and the drone pilot have to be two different people?  Not Ryan, that's for sure.  See it here to believe it. 

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Wakeboarding Road Trip// Sur de Honduras

  • Skyfie
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  • 2 years ago

If you want to take a trip to hone your wakeboarding skills in an amazing tropical location, contributor Skyfie makes a compelling case for Honduras.  In the southern part of the western coast of this Central American country, the Gulf of Fonseca and a number of adjacent bays which empty into it provides an ideal shelter from the open Pacific Ocean, perfect for various aquatic activities.  As you will see from this great VLOG/aerial video, the calm waters are ideal for wakeboarding.  

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Wakeboarding and Drones


NurkFPV has shown that he is not afraid of putting his FPV quads in harm's way.  It's no surprise then that he and his wakeboarder bud, Randy Kizer, took some freestyle risks in the filming of this crazy good drone video.  Flying a racing quad over water and allowing your buddy to chase you with a set of (sharp enough!) blades can be tricky biz.  Nonetheless, these guys manage to pull through the good fun with an action-packed FPV vid you just have to watch for yourself!

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Waterhawks Ski Team

Matt Rafferty

If you think a waterskiing team is just a collection of people who take individual runs, think again.  Contributor Matt Rafferty used a drone to film the Waterhawks waterskiing team, cutting up a lake in Iowa (in the central USA) very much as a team.  As in, all getting pulled together.  By a boat with a serious motor.  You really have to take this in from a drone to believe it.    

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Alejo de Palma: Profesional Wakeboarder


If you want to get a sense of the skill level required to be a professional wakeboarder, this video is for you.  Contributor and drone pilot Thedroneexperience aerially filmed pro Alejo de Palma performing all of the wakeboarding tricks you may have heard of and a few you probably hadn't.  This was shot on the Piranaha River in Rosario, Argentina.  The video shows the only way to watch a performance from the 2015 World Wakeboarding champion - from the air! 

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Getting Shreddy on the Lake


In this video, contributor Munoa32 manages to combine some epic wakeboarding with a spectacular location.  Shot on a beautiful lake in the Rocky Mountains of the western USA, you couldn't ask for a more amazing setting.  Munoa32's drone does a beautiful job of capturing this very talented wakeboarder doing all manner of flips and tricks, seemingly undistracted by his breathtaking surroundings.  

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Water Experience on the Lake

Simone Sergi

Lake Como is the most famous lake in Italy and one of the most well known freshwater bodies in the world.  The playground of royalty for centuries and of movie stars for decades, it makes the perfect backdrop for this epic drone video by contributor Simone Sergi.  Using some very creative editing techniques, he shows us views of the lake's beautiful shoreline intermixed with shots of some epic wakeboarding and jetski action.  It's another side to this hallowed body of water in Italy's Lombardy region.  

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Johnny FPV flies some wake surfing on lake Minnetonka

Sky Candy Studios

In this video, SkyCandy Studios collaborated with top FPV pilot JohnnyFPV to record some epic wakeboarding action on Lake Minnetonka, just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Lake Minnetonka is the largest in the Twin Cities area; covering almost 15,000 acres, its the state's ninth largest lake.  It's one of the most popular recreational boating spots in the Midwest, and can see as many as 5,000 boats on its (generally calm) waters on a busy summer day.   


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Wakesurfing in Moscow

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FPV & Wakeboarding

gab fpv
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sunrise wakesurfing

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Wake Nation Chasin'

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Boats N Drones

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Wakeboarding @Exo38

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SMG, Houston