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Best of windsurfing


Using a drone to film windsurfers effectively is nearly as difficult as windsurfing itself.  The speeds involved can be considerable, the target relatively small, and sharp turns frequent.  Contributor Rikdingo has mastered the art of aerial videography of this popular action sport as well as anyone alive.  Here is a compilation of his drone footage from filming windsurfers in the Mediterranean with his DJI Inspire 1 drone. 

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The Wind

Karim Iliya

As one might expect, Hawaii has become something of a mecca for windsurfing, just as it has for wave surfing.  One of the more prominent international windsurfing events is the Novenove Aloha Classic, part of the International Windsurfer Tour (IWT) and held every year in Maui.  Contributor Karim Ilya filmed the 2015 event with his drone, creating this epic video from the highlights of his footage.

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Don't try this at home! Breathtaking Windsurfing Action by Tom Drones Aerial Cinematography!

Tom Drones

Greece is one of the international centers of windsurfing, with its Aegean waters considered amongst the world's best for this very challenging sport.  In this video, contributor TomDrones created a marvelous aerial video of windsurfers Zois Theocharis, Vasileios Kretsis, and Philip Adamidis (GRE-1) as they ply the warm waters of the Aegean Sea in Greece.  The footage contains a wonderful long sequence where all three seem to be racing right into the camera lens on the drone which is filming them.

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Windsurfing | Timothy Knapp | Miami 2017


The waters of the Atlantic Ocean off of Miami, Florida offer some of the best windsurfing conditions anywhere in the world.  In this video, contributor one man_one drone films top windsurfer Timothy Knapp on the Gold Coast coastline.  The video opens with a marvelous top down shot of Knapp as he cruises in 35-45 mph winds, and the drone stays on him to give you the best possible look at the difficulty involved in this aquatic action sport.  

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Foil Foil Foil... (4k) Tillo International Windsurfing


Technology and the desire to make extreme sports ever more so conspired to produce foilboarding, where a hydrofoil is mounted under a windsurfing board to give the operator the ability to rise above the water.  It adds a degree of difficulty to an already difficult sport, requiring insane levels of balance and coordination.  In this video, One man_one drone used a drone to aerially film a foilboarder in the waters off Miami, Florida; Florida's Gold Coast is one of the world's top windsurfing scenes.  

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Windsurfers Chase [4K/60fps]


While windsurfing is commonly associated with oceans, it should be remembered that this action sport traces its roots to a lake in Minnesota, a state in the Midwestern USA.  Large lakes with ample wind can provide windsurfing opportunities on a par with the best coastal spots.  In this video, contributor Above the Clouds uses a drone to capture a windsurfer plying the waters of Lake Neuchâtel, near St-Blaise, Switzerland

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Kefalos Windsurfing


The Greek Aegean Islands and Turkey's western coast have ideal conditions for this challenging sport, and some of the world's best windsurfers hail from these waters.  In this video, WulcanStudio uses a drone to capture the windsurfing scene near Kefalos, on the Greek island of Kos.  Kos is one of the Dodecanese archipelago which form the outermost of the country's Aegean Sea islands; it's actually much closer to mainland Turkey than to mainland Greece.  

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Cyril Moussilmani Windsurfing on the French Riviera


The Mediterranean waters of the French Riviera are ideal for many water activities, windsurfing being one of the standouts.  The moderate surf, steady winds, and spectacular scenery have drawn some of the top windsurfers from around the world.   In this video, top professional windsurfer Cyril Moussilmani, who hails from Marseille, is filmed by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot RikDingo, who has made a specialty of using drones to aerially capture this thrilling sport.   

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Windsurfing at 45 mph under a Drone


Windsurfing in challenging high wind conditions is not for the faint of heart. Windsurfers can achieve speeds that would be respectable for a well-powered speedboat. Nor is it particularly easy to film a windsurfer traveling at such high speeds with a drone.  If anyone is up to the task though it's contributor RikDingo, who has created some of the world's best aerial views of windsurfing.  In this video, he films a windsurfer hitting about 45 mph (just under 80 km/h), no easy task! 

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Tahiti Freeride Cup 2018, the best windsurf race of French Polynesia!


The islands of the South Pacific appear near the top of most lists of the world's best spots for windsurfing.  Numerous competitions are held there in which the best windsurfers on the planet compete for prizes.  One of these events is the 2018 Tahiti Freeride Cup, held on a lagoon of Raiatea Island.  Contributor and drone pilot CYWORKS was there to film the action in the 2018 creating this epic video which includes footage of the Brazilian windsurfing champion Mateus Isaac.

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Cyril Moussilmani speed training


If you want to see a 60 second demonstration of what drones are doing for action sports, watch this video by contributor Rikdingo.  He has taken the art of capturing windsurfers by drone to an entirely new level.  In this case, he's got some equally impressive windsurfing talent to work with; Cyril Moussilmani is one of the world's top windsurfers, having won numerous championships.  As you watch the footage, try to imagine how you could get this footage without a drone!  

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Windsurfing on Lake Calhoun


It's a little known fact that modern windsurfing emerged from a spot nowhere near an ocean: Alexandria, Minnesota to be exact.  The Land of 10,000 Lakes, as the state is known, is home to some of the best recreational lakes in the USA.  In the city of Minneapolis, where power boats are prohibited, windsurfing has emerged as one of the key on-water activities on the largest of these lakes, Lake Bde Maka Sa, formerly known as Lake Calhoun.  Here, Brianthron captures this vibrant windsurfing scene.

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Windsurfing in Alaçatı, Turkey


Western Turkey has long been closely connected with the world of sailing; some of the world's best sailing waters lie off its Aegean Sea coastline.  In recent decades, the same conditions have led to a very large windsurfing culture.  The steady winds and generally calm but always beautiful torquoise waters represent ideal conditions for windsurfers.  And so they have come.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of Alacati, one of the epicenters of the Aegean Turkey windsurfing scene.  

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The Wind Blows - Extreme Windsurfing in Maui


Just as Maui offers some of Hawaii's best windsurfing spots, so it goes with windsurfing.  Contributor Aerialvideomaui created this epic drone video of some of the world's best windsurfers plying the windy waters of Maui.  The footage was captured at a couple of legendary Maui Spots: Pe'ahi (aka the JAWS surf break) and Ho'okipa.  Both of these spots are considered some of the finest (and most challenging) windsurfing areas in the world.  

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Top contributor RikDingo created this amazing drone video of one of the world's top windsurfing hitting the waters of the South of France. Jimmy Thiémé is a championship level windsurfer who hails from France.


Top contributor RikDingo created this amazing drone video of a windsurfer catching some serious speed in the waters of the South of France. Jimmy Thiémé, the son of championship windsurfer Erik Thiémé, was filmed at the famous  l'Almanarre Beach, near the southern tip of mainland France.  In the video, the windsurfer is hitting speeds of roughly 60 km/hour, or around 36 mph.  Needless to say, staying upright at such speeds is no easy task, nor is keeping up with him by flying a drone! 


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Icarus Aerial Filming
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Windsurf in Italy

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Windsurfing with a drone

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Windsurfers and drone