fpv freestyle miami4:33

Miami Ripping Session

sunseeker yatch freestyle coast coastal hqprop tmotor wave boat jetski2:08


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Ripping Kuala Lumpur3:59

Ripping Kuala Lumpur

Ripping  Torino4:03

Ripping Torino

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fpv building diving dives jayo catalyst machineworks superlight superlight5" CMW vegas lasvegas1:49

Ripping Vegas

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RaceFlight RF1 RaceFlightOne AceHE emdrones tiltsquad spektrum azurepower perdatorracingquads affinityfabrications fpv miami4:26

Miami Ripping

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First-person View Quadcopter Drone FPV QAV250 Pod Racing Fatshark Blue Beam Ultra cc3d Dominator V2 Racing Drone Quadcopter Racing Fast Quadcopter Drone Racing Speed Flying Air Helipal Storm Racer proximity naze32 weather translate news maps calculator youtube to mp3 horoscope calendar christmas tahoe snow holidays cheer school closings speedtest happy flights flight lake tahoe waterfall hiking RaceFlight Revolt2:02

RaceFlight One Ripping

FPV Drone Freestyle AirVūz Armattan Rooster Oomph Titan TBS Crossfire Rebel HQProps ThinkTankFPV GoPro JuicyFlowGang ForeverFlow KittFPV VLOG SuperBowl SuperBull4:19

Ripping the 2018 "SUPER BULL"

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Ripping Purdue3:10

Ripping Purdue

Wild Willy...
FPV lacblanc cinematic ayzenfpv vosges mountain art line2:08


Ayzen FPV...
FPV Drone Freestyle AirVūz Armattan Chameleon TBS Crossfire Tattu R-Line1550mah HQProps JuicyFlowGang ForeverFlow2:15

Ripping the Loess Hills

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freestyle drones ripping island bay area sanfran secret weapon2:14

Ripping the Island

Aero linc ...
fpv lapland suomi freestyle6:05

Ripping in lapland

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ripping fpv freestyle pilot spectacular exceptional gnarly mall2:57

Drone Ripping @ Mall

Livyu FPV...
ripping balls scary badass gnarly rippage failsafe longrange rotor riot sweet epic crazy beautiful amazing6:11

ripping estes

balls blheli s charpu drone drone footage drone racing epic fatshark first person view drone fpv fpv freestyle fpv quad freestyle fpv racing fpv vlog freestyle freestyle gopro gopro hero 5 session impressive drone footage mr steele proximity quad quadcopter race flight racing rc flying drone vlog rc hobby rc vlog remote controlled drone ripping rippingballs rotor riot taranis video viaductul jitin oravita anina old train old bridge bridge fpv trainfpv4:45

Ripping A 150 Years Old Bridge

Livyu FPV...
tbs team blacksheep vendetta tbs vendetta fpv first person view rama ramatribudiman sukaterbang drone racing aerial epic justin bibier suka terbang mr steele rotor riot race drone race beautiful multicopter quad quad racing quads senayan indonesia jakarta ehely aerotech aero lumenier getfpv miniquad miniquadracing4:02

Ripping Bandung with FPVBandung Crew

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