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AirVuz Upload Guidelines

  • Videos and Photos MUST be drone content, contain drone content, or be drone-related. We pride ourselves on being a purely drone content site, and we thank you for contributing to our AirVūz community of drone enthusiasts!
  • TO UPLOAD IN 4K OR HD (1080p), upload your file directly to AirVūz! If you choose to upload via YouTube or Vimeo URLs (below), please note that your video will only be uploaded to AirVuz at a max of 720p. (Both YouTube and Vimeo have this restriction on their end.)
  • Add details while you upload! Adding a detailed description, appropriate categories, relevant keywords (ex: FPV Freestyle, Drone Racing, Landscape, Aerial Reel, location, gear used, etc.) helps your video stand out among the crowd and increases its chance of being found in a search, so the more the better! Plus, people like to know the backstory of your subject or setting, the inspiration for the project, or something interesting that happened while filming, so don’t hold back!

Supported Browsers

  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11
  • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Additional Info

  • At this time, AirVuz does not support video files using Apple ProRes. Videos using it may fail during the upload process.

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