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About Me

Rhianna Lakin’s passion for using drones to advance worthwhile causes is rooted in life experience, much of it during 20 years living in South East Asia. She experienced firsthand the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2015 Mt. Sinabung eruption, and she witnessed flash floods and loss of life caused by illegal and irresponsible logging methods in Gunung Lauser National Park North Sumatra, Indonesia. When Lakin was introduced to drones in 2013, she immediately realized their potential for use in humanitarian aid and relief missions, as well as their usefulness in documenting events. In 2016, when Native Americans used drones in their fight against construction of a crude oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, she posted live video on Facebook showing the drones being shot down. Lakin remains committed to using drones as a resource for decision makers, leaders and organizations who need timely data and reporting to mitigate disasters both manmade and natural. Lakin is also the founder and organizer of Amelia Dronehart RC Group, an International group for women in the drone industry that allows women to connect, support and collaborate with eachother. She is also a collaborator for the newly formed Women's Indigenous Media, which utilizes both drones and ground cameras to show media from Indigenous women's eyes. Shining light on cultural, environmental, political, and social justice issues.