Behind The Goggles

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Behind the Goggles: PShaw
VŪZ 1775 | 2 months ago06:26
Behind the Goggles: Zero FPV
VŪZ 12072 | 6 months ago05:16
Behind The Goggles: Hazak
VŪZ 19605 | 6 months ago04:48
Behind the Goggles: Ten FPV
VŪZ 5702 | 7 months ago04:21
Behind The Goggles: Furadi
VŪZ 1265 | 8 months ago04:44
Behind The Goggles: SFPV
VŪZ 3078 | 8 months ago03:49
Behind The Goggles: ZoeFPV
VŪZ 19798 | 9 months ago04:21
Behind The Goggles: Ummagawd
VŪZ 2182 | 10 months ago03:38

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Drone Racing and FPV Freestyle are some of the fastest growing sports in the world. Join host Kendall Mark as she meets the men and women behind the goggles, who are changing the way we see our planet.