Droning America

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Droning America: Portland, OR
VŪZ 2363 | 2 months ago07:18
Droning America: San Diego, CA
VŪZ 2515 | 3 months ago08:05
Droning America: St. Paul, MN
VŪZ 48012 | 4 months ago05:43
Droning America: Nantucket, MA
VŪZ 10512 | 5 months ago08:11
Droning America: Oahu, HI
VŪZ 2822 | 6 months ago06:53
Droning America: Oahu Teaser
VŪZ 332 | 6 months ago00:20
Droning America: Las Vegas, NV
VŪZ 1729 | 7 months ago07:30
Droning America: Duluth, MN
VŪZ 1498 | 9 months ago06:20
Droning America: St. Louis, MO
VŪZ 2989 | 10 months ago06:29
Droning America: Dallas, TX
VŪZ 2113 | a year ago07:14
Droning America: Denver, CO
VŪZ 2314 | a year ago06:30

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About Me

Droning America is an AirVūz Original program that showcases the heart of cities across the country. Our host, Angie Avestruz, will tour the city with a local celebrity and drone pilot seeing the best that city has to offer from a brand new perspective, the sky! Whether it's the city's historic boulevards, popping night club scene, architectural feats, mammoth stadiums, stunning bridges, or renowned natural landscapes, Droning America's goal is to see it all. Let us know if we should make a stop in your city by contact ryanm@airvuz.com.