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Life is Better Without Gravity
VŪZ 560 | 2 months ago03:25
Racing Vs Freestyle
VŪZ 1447 | 3 months ago02:30
DJI Mavic Can't Touch My 3D Dancin'
VŪZ 548 | 4 months ago08:00
The Beach Boardwalk - Santa Cruz
VŪZ 947 | 4 months ago04:58
The Art Of Flight
VŪZ 1922 | 5 months ago03:38
How to Land a Drone
VŪZ 930 | 5 months ago00:10
Speed Testing Drones On The Track
VŪZ 248 | 5 months ago03:00
1000mm... Crash Testing
VŪZ 226 | 6 months ago00:43
Drone Trippin' - Burn's Canyon in 3D
VŪZ 120 | 6 months ago02:50
Outta' The Box - It's a Conspiracy 220
VŪZ 283 | 6 months ago02:20
Thunderbolt - 6s Tattu Maiden
VŪZ 179 | 7 months ago02:22
How to Not Fix a Drone
VŪZ 120 | 8 months ago12:20
Let's Fly // 2D vs 3D in FPV Paradise
VŪZ 148 | 8 months ago11:39
Sit Back- Relax.... and Fly
VŪZ 242 | 8 months ago03:47
3D Vollyball Practice
VŪZ 88 | 10 months ago03:14
Lookback Reverse Power Loop
VŪZ 80 | 10 months ago00:13
What is... Drone Racing?!
VŪZ 112 | a year ago03:23
Remove Pilot Before Takeoff
VŪZ 1125 | a year ago01:38
This is Drone Racing
VŪZ 267 | a year ago03:23
I like it upside down!
VŪZ 144 | a year ago00:28
3D FPV Gate Practice
VŪZ 113 | a year ago01:46

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About Me

Hello- My Name is Zoe, and I'm addicted to Lithium Polymer Batteries! Welcome to my world of crazy and wonderful flying robots :D I love flying and sharing the magic that is FPV! Major Accomplishments: Won the first AMA Sactioned FPV Race in the USA hosted in Santa Cruz, at the Drone X Data Conference - Placed 2nd @ Drone Worlds for Freestyle - 2nd Place @ Aloha Freestyle Cup - Competed and qualified for both the 2015 & 2016 US Drone Nationals, placing 5th in Freestyle. 2nd Place ASL Drone Sports World Micro Class - DR1 Freestyle @ "The Dam" 2016 - X Class - All Star Prize 2017 - Team Captain for the Platinum Misfits, placing 1st at the IDRA Dover International Team Race 2017 - "Queen of 3D" One of the originators of 3D FPV Freestyle