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Cameras and Dancers :)
VŪZ 115 | 18 days ago00:59
Day trip to Laguna!
VŪZ 119 | 2 months ago00:30
Fog Goes Low, We Go High
VŪZ 615 | 2 months ago00:52
Chicago at Sunset!
VŪZ 347 | 3 months ago00:28
Pinnacle Mountain Hike at Sunrise
VŪZ 2322 | 3 months ago00:49
V day 2017
VŪZ 3827 | 3 months ago00:28
Droneloop in hills of Hollywood
VŪZ 1007 | 3 months ago00:32
Droneloop from Bay Street
VŪZ 169 | 3 months ago00:20
Drone loop of the Santa Monica Pier
VŪZ 255 | 4 months ago00:28
droneloop at venice skatpark
VŪZ 353 | 4 months ago00:25
Droneloop in Bora Bara
VŪZ 55 | 4 months ago00:18
Santa Monica Pier
VŪZ 221 | 4 months ago00:12

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Drone enthusiast looking to change perspective through short aerial clips from around the world. Current location: Santa Monica, CA Follow me on Instagram: @droneloop for daily videos!