3D Mode Setup.. May the Force be with you...

  • a year ago
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Description: If i didn't just record this video it was never going to happen so sorry for shitty lighting and poor edit but i do hope this helps people get flying!

This setup cover's Betaflight only...

There are some major advantages to having a 3D build , its not all about flying upside down while that is the main point and its always fun to troll unaware people with epic hang time its about getting back up again after a crash as well and I've use this to my advantage many times . in a race it could mean the difference between a DF or a win, out in the field it could save you a walk of shame and being mocked by fellow flyers as they buzz you to remind you that there still flying and your not! or just to be lazy what ever floats your boat...

Have fun , be safe but fly like you fucking stole it :)

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