AV News: FPV Pilots Catch Trash Dumper

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Description: California-based drone racing pilots Dave Medore and Steven Sauls try to find time to fly their FPV quads a few times a week in California’s San Jacinto Valley. They’re both members of a local drone group called Hemet FPV.

While out flying for fun in mid-April, both pilots saw something out of the ordinary.

Sauls was able to get the initial footage of what was happening- A man in a pickup illegally dumping trash in the vacant lot about 300 feet from where the pilots were flying.

After Sauls captured footage of the man dumping the trash, Medore got his drone up in the air and chased after the pickup. He was able to fly close enough to get both the license plate number and a view of the driver’s face.

A report from a local TV station showed that the man was eventually found and brought back to the site where the trash was illegally dumped and was shown having to clean it up . Neither Sauls nor Medore are aware if the man faced any fines or charges.

Regardless, they’re just happy to have put drones into the headlines for a positive reason — especially racing drones, which aren’t often associated with doing good in the community.

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