Abandoned Streets COVID-19


As the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic spread throughout the world in the late winter and spring of 2020, the visual texture of the earth's populated areas fundamentally changed.  This was perhaps most evident from drone videos of the world's most recognizable cities and travel destinations, showing scenes reminiscent of a science fiction movie.  In this reel, we've compiled some of the most compelling scenes captured by the AirVuz drone pilot community around the world during this historic and often terrifying period.  

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Throughout the world, countries and cities are enforcing quarantine and lockdown policies to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This new reality has turned otherwise bustling streets, freeways, city centers and tourism destinations into desolate ghost towns.
Drone pilots are documenting the apocalyptic views from above.
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The team at AirVuz wishes the entire world strength, health, and optimism as we push on through the days ahead.