Aerial Footage of Hawaii Volcano Eruption

Published 11/07/2019 11:23
Aerial footage of an erupting volcano illustrates the power of nature. Over a year after residents of Hawaii experienced their worst and most destructive volcanic eruption, the region is still in recovery.
Drone pilot Reuben Langdon captured footage of the event between May 21 and May 23 of 2018 with his drone. Lava outbreaks reached peaks of up to 300 feet. Massive lava flows eventually covered over 13.7 square miles, destroying homes and resulting in the evacuation of over 2,000 residents.
Lava entered and then evaporated Green Lake, the largest natural lake in Hawaii. The lava flow reached the Pacific Ocean in Kapoho Bay on June 4, 2018. Now that the lava has begun to harden, recovery efforts have begun. Damages are estimated at over $500 million.


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