Aerial Views of Infamous Abandoned Psychiatric Center

Updated 05/10/2019 08:29
Abandoned spaces have long been an inspiration for content creators and cinematographers. Drone pilot and creator 'Novice Quads' filmed one of New York state's most infamous abandoned structures. The Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, also known as the Pilgrim State Hospital, was once the world's largest hospital of any kind.
Located on Long Island, the center opened in 1931 on 1,000 acres of state owned land. In 1954, the hospital had 13,875 patients and over 4,000 employees, making it the largest in the world — a record that has yet to be exceeded. The center used controversial treatments such as electric shock therapy and prefrontal lobotomy, it also had a high number of unexplained deaths.
As psychiatric medication and community care became more popular over institutionalization, the hospital gradually shut down parts of its operations. Now much of the campus has been sold and redeveloped but some of the abandoned buildings still stand. This aerial film showcases both the scale of the facility and the eerie beauty of abandoned spaces.


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CLICK HERE to watch the full drone video by Novice Quads


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