Aerial Views of Mount Nemrut

Published 10/22/2019 05:34

New drone footage is showing the world Mount Nemrut, known as “Throne of the Gods” and one of Turkey's most famous sites. Located in the Taurus mountain range in Adiyaman, the summit is over 2100 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest peaks in Mesopotamia. Content creator jesus_tr flew his drone to get the perfect perspective of this historical site.


Gigantic statues of Gods and animals standing 10 meters tall and weighing 6 tons each cover the mountain top. Constructed out of boulders, King Antiochus I of Commagene commissioned this royal tomb complex and religious sanctuary in the 1st century bc. The statues represent Antiochus himself as well as other Persian and Greek Gods. Over time the statues were deliberately damaged for religious reasons and the remains were scattered around the site.


Antiochus wanted a place close to the gods where people could come pray to him and where the whole kingdom could see it. The inner sanctum is covered with rock pieces that form a giant pyramid which would have prevented grave robbers from accessing it. Still today, modern excavations have failed to get to the treasures hidden inside the chamber. It is believed that is where Antiochus is buried.


Mount Nemrut was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and various tours are offered for tourists wanting to visit.

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