Aerial Views of the Aftermath from the "Vaia" Storm in Italy

Published 06/28/2019 12:17
On the 29th of October in 2018, Northeastern Italy was hit with a major wind storm. Aerial videographer Daniele Bolgia recently shared footage of the aftermath and on-going reconstruction efforts from above. The storm named "Vaia" translates to "dark grey" in English.
The storm produced strong sirocco wind that reached over 100 mph. Sicorro is a type of wind that blows through the Mediterranean region — hot, humid, and from the southeast originating over the deserts of North Africa. The region suffered knocked down trees that equated to eight million cubic meters of wood. That is the equivalent of the entire country's full year timber harvest.
Italy has launched programs to reconstruct the region. These efforts include concerts in the woods and programs that encourage companies to purchase the downed timber at a fair price rather than importing. The country has committed to restoring the forest, one tree at a time.

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