AirVūz News: World of Drones - 05/13/19

Published 05/13/2019 07:29
Welcome to the World of Drones, where AirVuz has you covered on all things drone related. Let’s get straight to your headlines. You’re eyes are not deceiving you… that is a drone carrying a pizza. Introducing TrayDrone. Created by researchers from Stuttgart Media University and TU Darmstadt in Germany, it’s designed to be a flying tray for micro payload deliveries in the future of smart homes. This drone can be controlled with Alexa. Presented at the International Workshop onHuman-drone Interaction, TrayDrone can carry a round-shaped tray and lift up to 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs).
Researchers at Purdue University are working on a tiny drone that uses artificial intelligence to learn from hummingbirds. The smaller a drone is, the more difficult it is for it to generate enough lift to move its weight, but copying a hummingbirds ability to use aerodynamics to stay aloft, the tiny drone robot will use its wings more effectively. The small size will also make it quieter for potential use in search and rescue operations.
There may be new way to safer flying and it all relies on a code. Verity Studios, the world-leading provider of indoor drone shows and the company behind making drones come alive on-stage in front of large audiences, has come up with a software algorithm it says can prevent drones from crashing unexpectedly. The software solution is called Failsafe is able to stabilize the drone using its remaining good propellers. Failsafe can be implemented with existing quadcopters with a simple firmware update.
If you haven’t yet, check out the Airvuz Editorial profile on Airvuz Editorial focuses on the most interesting recent uploads to the site. We go in-depth on the subject of these drone videos to teach you about the people featured, interesting locations highlighted or current events happening where you live. Our most recent editorial video which featured aerial views of an infamous abandoned psychiatric center in New York.
Our Tyler Mason caught up award-winning New Zealand born aerial photographer Petra Leary for the latest episode of the Drone Dish. Look for that on later this week.
Tomorrow our Drone Video of the Week winner will be announced. Check back to see which drone video won somebody $250.

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