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Published 02/08/2021 06:39

Welcome to the ‘World of Drones,’ where we get your caught up on all the drone headlines from around the globe.

We’re kicking things off today with a drone video that went viral for an unusual reason. The undated film shared on Twitter last week by user @buitengebieden_ shows a drone flying along a beach and then suddenly being plucked from the sky by an eagle. The video has since gone viral, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views across multiple social media platforms. No word yet on the drone’s condition. 

With the big game happening over the weekend, we were almost certain to hear of accusations of illegal drone flying and sure enough, currently there have been more than 70 reports of drones flying in Super Bowl LV restricted airspace. One Orlando man, Henry Alejandro Jimenez, who was caught flying a drone near the Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk during the FAA’s Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR), could face up to one year in federal prison if convicted.

Here are the Top 5 drone videos uploaded to last week:

“Snowscape” - Clark Lupton

Drone pilot Clark Lupton has caught our attention on AirVuz before for his FPV  videos, but this aerial film of Lynchburg, Virginia in the wintertime was so breathtaking from start to finish, that it made it into our Top 5.

“Highlights of Mongolia Best Places” - BaBi 

Content creator BaBi returns to Airvuz after almost a year with this well-produced video featuring aerial and ground footage of Mongolia.

“Biggest Swell In Years - North Shore, Oahu” - ryzone

Friend of AirVuz, ryzone, is back with this insane drone video of surfers riding the biggest swell the North Shore in Oahu has seen in the last 5-10 years.  

“Rome, Italy in 2021” - andyelloco 

Of the three drone videos andyelloco has uploaded to AirVuz, two have been nominated for ‘Drone Video of the Week.’ This one features highlights from around Rome. 

“Venise & Burano Italia” - freeway prod 

Former award-winning AirVuz contributor, freeway prod, uploaded this aerial film with stunning views of Venice, Italy. Shot for French TV, this is a comprehensive tour of the “Floating City.”

And the one being named ‘Drone Video of the Week’ and winning the $250 prize is… Clark Lupton with “Snowscape.” For winning ‘Drone Video of the Week’ you not only get the cash prize, but this video will move on to the ‘Drone Video of the Month’ contest where it could win an additional $500.

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