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Hi I’m Jacob Blaeser with AirVuz, welcome to a special edition of World of Drones. In Today’s episode we’re going to focus on the covid19 coronavirus, and the role it is playing within the drone community. Let’s get right to it!

Whether it is here on AirVuz, or on news sites around the globe, the growing number of films showing the empty streets of various cities is incredible. Eerie footage from major tourist spots such as Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Los Angeles and many others have emerged. All show a drones perspective of what those cities look like during these nation-wide lockdowns. We can all imagine what quarantined cities may look like, but these films definitely give you a real perspective. 

While it’s tough to take light of any sad or scary situation, like we are currently in all around the world, but we hope these next couple videos can at least bring a smile to your face. This past week on AirVuz, pilot and content creator kupaaa_fpv shared his “secret weapon” against Covid19. In this fpv video-game-style edit, he flies his FPV drone around a park in China, shooting down the CoronaVirus, to a rendition of the ghostbusters theme song. In the video’s description on kupaaa_fpv claims “scientists have proven that laughter kills fear. I hope that in this difficult period for the whole of humanity, my video will be able to lower the tension by at least a little.” Thank you, kupaa for your positivity, and this fun little edit.

Now, in Cyprus, a man found a very unique way to walk his dog while being quarantined. Vakis Demetriou hooked the end of his dog, Oliver’s leash to the bottom of a DJI Phantom. While flying the drone several feet above Oliver, Demetriou stood on his balcony and truly took his dog on a walk down the street with his done. “Stay home but don’t forget your dog’s happiness,” said Demetriou through his facebook page.


These are just a few stories of how drones have given different perspectives during this difficult time. Stay tuned to AirVuz as we’ll be continuing to share drone films and stories related to the Covid 19. Thanks again for joining us on this episode of world of drones and please stay safe!

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