AirVūz News: World of Drones 06/15/20

Published 06/15/2020 06:58

We begin in Canada where four people have been charged with attempting to fly a drone into a prison. The authorities say that the drone was carrying a package believed to be containing weapons, tobacco and cannabis into the Collins Bay Institute in Kingston, Ontario. After a thorough investigation, darting back to the end of March when the drone was intercepted, Ontario Provincial Police arrested and charged Marc Fountain, Nachoua Hiba-Kord, Len Aragon and Rachel Chen on June 9th. While speaking with Global News Canada, the Collins Bay Institution said that they are looking into various solutions to stop instances like this from happening in the future.Now let’s go from one end of the drone delivery spectrum to the other. Wing, a drone delivery service owned by Google parent Alphabet, is now going to be offered Library books delivered by drone. The idea was hatched by Kelly Passek, a middle school librarian who has used drone delivery for other Items in the past. "I think kids are going to be just thrilled to learn that they are going to be the first in the world to receive a library book by drone," said Passek. Wing is set to fly their first books out this week. 

Now…. here in no particular order are the Top-5 drone videos uploaded to AirVuz last week:

Dutch Windmills (De Zaanse Schans) Sunrise 4K - by BeemFlights

Aerial Showreel 2020 by FietFPV

My Adventures in Corona-Crisis by Muhamad AbuShakra

Montenegro: Mysterious beauty. Drone 4K Travel Video by anton chyka

Raz Media Aerial Reel by razmedia

And the Winner is…..

Dutch Windmills (De Zaanse Schans) Sunrise 4K - by BeemFlights

Always an AirVuz fan favorite, Beemflights takes us to the North Holland town of Zaanse Schans for a fantastic foggy flight over windmills. While In most cases these windmills are one of the Netherlands more popular tourist attractions, Beem Flights filmed this area empty due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Truly unreal to see.

Congrats again to Beem Flights for winning the $250 drone video of the week and now eligible for the $500 June Drone Video of the Month which will be selected by AirVuz Content creator and award winner Florian LeDoux.

On the fpv side, make sure to check out last week's pilots to watch. All who are now eligible for the June FPV VIDEO OF THE MONTH, which will be selected by drew.drones. The winner will receive an insta360 R twin edition thanks to our friends at insta 360.

If you are looking for a fun, new drone related show, check out our AirVuz Original, AirVuz After Hours, where myself along with fellow World of Drones host Tyler Mason talk with some of the top names in the Drone industry. On our latest episode, we caught up with the frame designer and legend in the FPV community, Andy Shen, of ShenDrones.. Make sure to catch that one, as well as past segments that include Dirk Dallas, Beverly Hills Aerials, Johnny FPV and more!

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