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Drones have been used in a variety of ways over the years for conservation efforts. Now one recently-released study showed how drones were used to survey tree lions in Africa from an aerial perspective.

A researcher in Uganda received a special permit to fly drones to film the tree-climbing lions in the Queen Elizabeth conservation area. Since these lions spend most of the daytime in trees, the drones were used to get better views of them in their habitat.

Thanks in part to the drones, the researcher concluded that the lions’ population is threatened due to the fact that the male lions have to travel further distances than previously thought in order to find food.

Camera manufacturer Olympus may be trying to get into the drone game. A patent filed by Olympus was recently discovered to show a prototype for a drone and controller. 

First uncovered by the website 4/3 Rumors, the patent includes several images of the drone and other accessories. According to the description in the patent, it appears this drone might be able to carry more adjustable cameras — such as those with a zoom lens — than the kinds built into most consumer drones. 

Four people were arrested in Singapore over the weekend after it was discovered they were delivering drugs with drones in Singapore’s Kranji Reservoir Park.

Officers dispatched to the scene noticed a drone hovering in the air with a bag attached to it. After two men were arrested, the bag the drone was flying was found to contain the drug Ice. It was believed they were operating the drone from Singapore in order to import the drugs from bordering Malaysia. Two others were later arrested in connection with the crime.

Be sure to catch our latest episode of “AirVuz After Hours” where myself and co-host Jacob Blaeser caught up with the founder and director of the New York City Drone Film Festival, Randy Scott Slavin. Randy talks about breaking into the drone industry, some of his favorite projects, what it takes to get a film into the NYCDFF and much more. You’ll find a link to the episode in the video description.

Randy also does a live drone video critique every Thursday night on the AirVuz Facebook page. Be sure to tune into that this Thursday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time at

As we do each week on “World of Drones,” we share the top five videos uploaded to over the past week. Here are this week’s five videos, with the winning video taking home $250.

—“Switzerland: A Higher Way Of Life” by iDroneAerials

—“Atacama desert / Chile” by nevinxavier

—“The Lake | Lac de Guerlédan | 4K Cinematic Drone Footage” by Julien Hulin

—“Trancoso - BA | RG Drones e movimentos” by RG Drones

—“Downtown NYC, SoHo Manhattan.” by thedronalist

And this week’s Drone Video of the Week — and a winner of the $250 prize — is: nevinxavier for the film “Atacama desert / Chile.” This video showcases one of the driest regions in the world: Chile’s Atacama desert, located in the northern part of the country. It also provides spectacular views of stars, which are seen during Nevin’s film.

It’s the second Drone Video of the Week nomination for Nevin, whose film “A cinematic journey through Iceland” was not only a weekly nominee but was also nominated for our Drone Video Awards. Congratulations again to Nevin, who is now eligible to win our Drone Video of the Month for June.


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