AirVūz News: World of Drones 07/12/21

Published 07/12/2021 06:44

Hello and welcome to the ‘World of Drones’ your weekly news show for all things drone related.

Did you hear?! For the first time in AirVuz history we had one drone pilot win our ‘Drone Video of the Month’ contest and be named our ‘FPV Pilot to Watch’ of the month. JohnnyFPV took home top honors in both of our contests for his “Drive2Extremes” collaboration with Porsche. 

Automobile manufacturer, Jeep, may be incorporating drone technology in future SUV models. At the recent Stellantis' EV Day, Jeep showcased a range of futuristic tech including a follow-me drone functionality that is integrated into the dashboard display of a Jeep Wrangler. The driver would be able to launch the drone and then record video footage from the drone as it follows the vehicle during its on- and off-road adventures. Jeep is not guaranteeing any of these fictional situations will appear in future models, but does suggest if the follow-me drone functionality becomes a reality, it would be in 2025.

Now let’s go over the top 5 drone videos uploaded to last week and crown one our ‘Drone Video of the Week.’

"Tulip mania" 🌷🇳🇱 - By_ewold

Aerial cinematographer, By_ewold, created this highly informative video about the process of planting and harvesting tulips. Using narration and aerial footage to tell the story, you’ll not only learn a lot but you’ll be blown away by the views from above. 

SLOVAKIA - 35 most beautiful destinations - HikeTheWorld

Multiple-time ‘Drone Video of the Week’’ winner, HikeTheWorld, put together this incredible aerial film listing and showing the 35 most beautiful destinations in Slovakia. You’ll want to set some time aside to watch this entire video.

Wishing for WINTER - denisbarbas

This is the third upload to AirVuz for filmmaker denisbarbas and his second ‘Drone Video of the Week’ nomination. In this aerial film he takes the viewer on an aerial journey through the Dolomites in northern Italy. With views this beautiful, it is no wonder why Denis loves winter so much. 

Zermatt Switzerland in Winter - oculusfilms

Another multiple-time ‘Drone Video of the Week’ winner, oculusfilms, uploaded this stunning film from one of the most popular tourist locations in Switzerland, Zermatt. See the famed mountains, including the Matterhorn, covered in snow from the sky.

INDONESIA - coastal garage

New AirVuz contributor, coastal garage, uploaded this excellent aerial compilation of Indonesia. Set to upbeat music, fly over the many islands that make up this nation and see the diverse landscapes from beaches, mountains, forests that Indonesia has to offer.

And the ‘Drone Video of the Week’ and winner of the $250 prize is…“Zermatt Switzerland in Winter” by oculusfilms. For winning our weekly contest this film will be promoted all week long across all of AirVuz’s social media platforms and it will be entered into our ‘Drone Video of the Month’ contest for July where it could win an additional $500.

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