AirVūz News: World of Drones 07/20/20

Published 07/20/2020 07:21

AirVuz News presents the "World of Drones," your weekly update on everything going on with drones. 

In case you didn’t hear, this year’s New York CIty Drone Film Festival is going digital! The event will now stream live on October 24th. Anyone who wants to submit a film to be entered into the festival should upload their work to by August 8th. This year’s festival will also feature a digital Day of Drones. Stay tuned to for more updates. 

n other exciting news, AirVuz released its long awaited app last week! Available for Apple iphones and Androids, the app allows you to browse our collections, watch drone videos and upload your content directly from your phone. 

Now onto your drone news headlines.

A Florida company is using drones to sanitize large venues and stadiums. Upward Drone Solutions original business was to use drones to clean the exteriors of buildings, but once the coronavirus pandemic hit, much like other companies, they had to get creative on how to stay in business. The CEO, Andy Godfrey, said that’s when the engineers at the company reconfigured a 55-pound drone from its original use of cleaning the outsides of buildings to disinfecting surfaces with powerful sanitizer. Upward Drone Solutions has been sanitizing facilities like stadiums, schools, parks, music venues and airports for 2 months now. Godfrey flies the drone about eight feet in the air as it emits a very fine mist of sanitizer out of an attached storage tank, completely coating surfaces. He then uses a tool called the illuminometer to show if there are any remaining germs on the surface. This mist is said to be electrostatically charged and last three to four days. The drone method of sanitization has also proven to be more efficient and faster than the traditional backpack sprayers. We reported on a similar story a few weeks ago about a company named EagleHawk also offering drone disinfect services. 

ypically known for flying in the sky, drones are now going below the earth’s surface to explore. Drones are being sent deep in the mines underneath Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Swiss-based company, Flyability, recently opened its first US branch in Denver, Colorado. The company uses their ELIOS drones to get to areas that would be dangerous to send a human, like a space contaminated with radiation or toxic gasses. These drones can save time and money, but more importantly they can do dangerous jobs that normally would cost people their lives.  Michael Carlson, a junior at the School of Mines, is guessing they found a gold vein down there and are mining it out. 

Now the moment that most of you are waiting for… here are the top 5 videos uploaded to last week:

“Imagine Iceland” by TANYA SHKONDINA, “Desert Magic” by rememorales, “DISCOVER FAROE ISLANDS” by David.Haring, “Moddy Days | BMPCC4K + DJI Mavic 2 Pro + FPV” by backpackpassion, and “Perspectives of Africa” by Soaring Heights Imagery. And the one that is being named Drone Video of the Week and winning $250 is… “Imagine Iceland” by TANYA SHKONDINA. This former Drone Video of the Week winner spent 2 weeks in Iceland filming 3 terabytes of footage. They hope by watching this drone video, you can feel the emotion they felt while flying. “Imagine Iceland” is now entered into the Drone Video of the Month contest for July.

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