AirVūz News: World of Drones 07/22/19

Published 07/22/2019 20:07

Welcome to the World of Drones, your weekly update for everything drone related.


The drone community suffered a sad loss last week. Brian Bloss, also known as bbloss, passed away in a tragic accident. Brian was known to most as an incredibly talented drone pilot and content creator and to many as a great friend. He influenced countless aspiring drone pilots with his aerial timelapses and his famous blossout dronies during his travels. The drone community has shown an outpouring of love on social media using #WeOutHere.


Airvuz Team pilot Paul Nurkkala, aka nurkfpv, built a custom drone valued at $4000. We partnered with the 2018 DRL champion to create this X-class drone with a Black Magic camera capable of capturing high-quality cinematic footage. Stay tuned to to see where he takes this incredible set-up.


France drone company Parrot announced it is phasing out it’s more affordable consumer-focused drones like the Mambo and Swing to instead focus on the commercial market with its Anafi quadcopter. Their toy drones have been quickly disappearing from online retailers, so if you’re interested in one of those you better hurry. 


Cleveland based flamethrower manufacturer, ThrowFlame, is now offering a flamethrowing attachment for your drone. The TF-19 Wasp is capable of hitting targets 25 feet away for up to 100 seconds and is designed for use on drones with a 5-pound payload capacity. The company says it can be used to clear debris from power lines, get rid of nests, help with remote agriculture burns, and even start back-burns to contain wild-fires. Available online for $1500, there is already a waitlist. A friendly reminder from us at airvuz, fly safe everyone. 


This week on the Drone Dish our own Tyler Mason chats with drone pilot Chris Neibauer. Learn all about this Washington state based aerial photographer and how he flies drones for real estate on the episode posting later this week. 


Do you fly drones? Upload your drone videos to for your chance to win money!! We have a weekly contest called Drone Video of the Week where we hand out $250 to the best video based on your votes.

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