AirVūz News: World of Drones 08/05/19

Published 08/05/2019 08:31
Welcome to the World of Drones, your weekly drone news update. 
So many incredible drone videos get uploaded to everyday from all over the world, on this episode we featured this FPV video from content creator mush_fpv diving around buildings in Vietnam. Speaking of FPV, just hours after DJI’s big announcement of a Digital FPV System that includes an Air Unit Module, a Camera, FPV Goggles, and a Remote Controller, FPV headset manufacturer, Fat Shark, made an announcement of their own. In a post on Facebook, Fat Shark showed us a picture of Byte Frost, a FPV system that will stream HD 720 video with almost zero latency to Fat Shark goggles. They’re expecting reviews to be out in the next month.
Knowing where you can fly safely and legally in the United States can be hard to navigate. So UAS Service Provider, Kittyhawk, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a new version of the B4UFly app. The free app let’s users know in real-time what airspace restrictions are in effect anywhere in the US by generating data from the FAA. Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, which recently became available to hobbyist pilots is included in the latest update and the partnering companies plan to release more updates in the near future. The University of Alaska has successfully flew the first FAA-approved beyond-line-of-sight drone flight in the US. A hybrid electric drone was used in the test flight to inspect a four-mile section of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Currently drone pilots are required to be able to see their drone drone during flight, but this new advancement could be a huge step making drone deliveries a reality soon. 
We’re giving away lots of money this week. Starting with $250 for our Drone Video of the Week winner tomorrow. Check back on to see who got the most votes in this week’s contest. And now that we’re officially into the month of August that means it’s time to announce a new Drone Video of the MONTH winner! Tune in to see which of our Drone Video of the Week winner from July is taking home the crown and $500!

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