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Published 09/17/2019 02:40

Let’s take a look back at an eventful week in the World of Drones.

A woman and her boyfriend who have been detained in Iran since July were reportedly arrested for flying drones. According to news reports last week, Jolie King and her boyfriend Mark Firkin were identified as the couple arrested for illegally flying a drone in Iran.

The duo said they quit their jobs in Australia to travel the world and had been driving through Asia before arriving in Iran. It’s illegal to fly a drone in Iran without a license. The Australian government has been pressing Iran to release King and Firkin. The couple are being held in Iran’s notorious Evin prison but had reportedly been allowed to use the phone to call family members over the weekend.

U2 frontman Bono has long been known for his philanthropy, and now he’s using drones to try to do good in the world. Bono recently joined the board of Zipline, a drone manufacturer whose aircraft are used to deliver medical supplies. 

It’s the only company Bono is a board member of, indicating that he believes Zipline’s technology can make a positive impact. Zipline’s drones deliver medicine and blood needed for emergencies in Rwanda and Ghana.

In a profile by Fast Company, Bono recalled an encounter he had in Africa 20 years ago as he felt helpless while seeing people being diagnosed with HIV who were unable to get the treatment they needed. In the article, Bono said, “I pledged my life to this idea: the concept that where you live should not decide whether you live.”

Drones and London’s Heathrow Airport have made several headlines together, often for reported unauthorized drone flights near the busy airport. Now Heathrow and drones are back in the news together.

Nineteen people have been arrested in London since late last week after it was believed they planned to fly drones near Heathrow Airport in a protest to bring awareness to climate change. Climate group Heathrow Pause was at the center of the incident. Their plan was to fly the drones low to the ground and away from flight paths, but even that could have created havoc for hundreds of airline flights. The group wanted to illustrate what they believe to be environmental harms that would occur if the Heathrow Airport were to be expanded.

In lighter news, we’re giving away $250 this week, as we do every week for our “Drone Video of the Week” contest. Stay tuned to find out the winner announced on Tuesday. And give yourself a chance to win by submitting your drone videos to

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